Future Salons

ASF sponsors a network of monthly-to-quarterly Future Salons and foresight meetups, currrently meeting occasionally 
in fifteen cities around the world

Future Salons are free educational, activist, and social events, created by volunteer Salon leaders (perhaps you?) to make our rapidly changing world more fascinating, manageable, profitable, and positive-sum for all of us. 

Future Salons strive to be an equal mix of both thinking-idea oriented and doing-action oriented activities - improving both our foresight and execution skills. They seek to feature existing or emerging scientific, technological, entrepreneurial, or social change topics and projects worthy of our help and attention. They also cover critical-thinking, management, and personal change topics, and occasionally longer-term scientific and philosophical topics.

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Like to start a Salon in your city or at your college? It's easy and rewarding. Read our Helpful Guidebook
Advance your local foresight culture! Make great new friends! 
Email johnsmart{at}gmail{dot}com if you have any questions, or would like some startup assistance.