Fusion Groups

Franklin's Junto (Mutual Improvement Club), 1727
 sponsors a network of Fusion Group meetups, currently meeting monthly and annually 
in Northern and Southern California

ASF's main Fusion, since 2001, is an invited annual Large-Group (typically 28 person) gathering
 of high-integrity futurists, coming together every year for a weekend of hiking, small group goalsharing, and reflection in a beautiful location, to help each other improve our personal foresight, self-knowledge, prioritization, goalsetting, and achievement skills on a sustainable budget. 

Several attendees also engage in Small-Group (typically 4 person) Fusions, in monthly to weekly goalsetting, progress-reporting, foresight, and personal growth support meetings

Both Fusions are modeled after Benjamin Franklin's Junto, a mutual improvement club. Franklin was perhaps the consummate Renaissance person of American history. He was an exemplary businessperson, inventor, writer, scientist, politician, philanthropist, educator, mentor, and philosopher. He attributed all his business and professional success to his weekly Junto meetings. Fusion has a similar format and aspirations.

Like to start a Fusion with your own network of friends or professional colleagues? 
It's easy and rewarding. See what's involved by skimming our:

Advance your self-knowledge, foresight, prioritization, goalsetting and personal achievement skills, and make great new friends. Email johnsmart{at}gmail{dot}com if you have any questions, or would like some startup assistance.