Foresight Graduate Programs - Global List

This page contains GlobalForesight's best global list of Foresight Masters and Full-Time PhD programs, and Foresight Partial and Potential Programs, and brief details on each. For a very similar page, see ASF's Foresight Graduate Programs - Global List.

If you are a full-time working professional who already has a masters degree and is interested in doing a foresight PhD while you work, see also our Online and Part Time PhD Foresight Programs page.

I. Foresight Masters and Full-Time PhD Programs - Global List

A. Primary Programs - English Instruction
English-language MA, MS and Full-Time PhD programs in any of the primary foresight specialties are listed below.

1. Swinburne U. of Technology, Aus. Graduate School of Entrep. MS,PhD in Strategic Foresight (Bus. Admin.).
(English). Hawthorne. Applied program, stresses implementation over theory. PhD students can specialize in Strategy and Foresight. Contact: Peter Hayward, Dir. Note: This program is closing in 2016, no longer accepting new students. Very shortsighted SUT administrators!

2. Ontario College of Art and Design, MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.
(English). Toronto. New program. Students apply anticipatory design concepts (cf. Fuller, McLuhan) to projects in the arts, media, and user experience, and to some extent to tech, business, and the social sciences. Contact: Michele Mastroeni, Director.

3. Aarhus UniversitySchool of Business and Social SciencesPhD in Organizational Foresight 
(English, Danish). Aarhus. New three-year PhD. This program covers tuition and cost of living salary for PhD students, a rarity in the foresight space. Faculty include René Rohrbeck, who does research on improving corporate foresight and organizational future orientation, as well as strategic, innovation, and technology management. Contact: René Rohrbeck, Associate Professor for Strategy.

4. U Malta, U Potsdam, University of Turku. MSc in Strategic Innovation and Future Creation.
Low-Residency online program. (English). New interdisciplinary EU MSs stressing idea generation, innovation management, entrepreneurship, and foresight/futures studies. Online, plus one week at each of the three universities, over three semesters. Program details. Contact info.

5. University of Turku and Finland Futures Academy. MS, PhD in Futures Studies (Econ. and Bus. Admin.)
(English, Finnish). Turku. Strong interdisciplinary general foresight skills. Business and social responsibility/sustainability orientation. Mix of academic and applied. PhD offered since 2007. Director, Juha Kaskinen. Professor of FS, Markku Wilenius. Contact.

GERMANY 6. European Business School and Inst for Futures Studies & Knowledge Mgmt. MSc,MBA,PhD in Corporate Foresight. (English, German). Weisbaden. MSc, MBA, PhD under supervision of IFSKM. Students focus on corporate foresight and management, can do Real-Time Delphi, Scenarios, Risk Management, Competitive Intell., any other business and tech foresight theses. Director, Heiko von der Gracht. Contact.

7. Corvinus U. of Budapest. Futures Studies Dept. MS,PhD in Mgmt and Bus Admin (w/ specialization in Futures Studies)
[Hungarian, English] Many graduate FS courses. Dr. Erzsébet Nováky, Dir, Futures Studies Center, former dir, WFSF Contact: Zsuzsa Krista.

8. U. of Stellenbosch, Econ & Mgmt Sci. and Inst. for Futures Resrch. M.Phil,PhD in Futures Studies (Econ/Mgmt).
[Online program, with six In-Person events] (English, Afrikaans). Stellenbosch. Futures perspective on org. strategy, long-term planning, development philosophy, global change, forces and trends. African context. Contact: Andre Roux, Director. Potential FS Affiliate: African Futures Institute, Cape Town.

9. Tamkang University, Coll. of Ed. and Graduate Inst. of Futures Studies. MA in Futures Studies (Education).
(Chinese, English). Taipei. Broad interdisciplinary academic approach. Tamkang is the world leader in integrated futures curricula. All 27,000 undergrads must take 3 of 15 FS courses. Globalization, IT, and futures emphasis. PhD program now under development. Contact: Kuo-Hua Chen, Director.

10. California College of the Arts, MBA in Strategic Foresight (Bus. Admin.)
(English). San Francisco, CA. Creative new (2016) program integrating business, design, innovation, and foresight training. CCA also ofers an MBA in Design Strategy. Foresight faculty in include Jay Dunagan and Lee Shupp. Contact: Nathan Shedroff, Chair.

11. Regent University, School of Business & Leadership. DSL (Doctorate in Strategic Leadership) Strategic Foresight (Bus. Admin.)
[Online program] (English). Virginia Beach, VA. Christian university, ecumenical learning context. For mid-career leaders, consultants, and strategic managers. Contact: Virginia Richardson, Doctor of Strategic Leadership.

12. U. of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Pol. Sci. and Hawaii Rsrch Ctr for FS. MA,PhD in Alternative Futures (Pol Sci).
(English). Manoa, HI. Second oldest program (since 1976). Strong in visioning, scenarios, and alternative futures development. MA students often go on to the PhD. Contact: Jim Dator, Director. Note: Dator retired in 2015, no new foresight faculty, program future may be in question.

13. U. of Houston, College of Technology. MS in Foresight (Technology).
[Online or campus program]. (English). Houston, TX. Long-lived, well-regarded program (since 1975). Trains professional futurists for the marketplace. Strong in sociology, methods, largest practitioner alumni network. Was formerly at UH Clear Lake. Contact: Andy Hines, Director.

B. Primary Programs - Other Language Instruction
Non-English MS and PhD programs in any of the primary futures studies subject areas (see above) are listed below.

COLOMBIA 14. External University of Colombia, MS in Strategic Thinking and Foresight (Bus. Admin.)
(Spanish). Bogota. Global and social trends, competitiveness, foresight methods, strategic planning, scenarios. Also offers a BS in FS. Contact: Leonel Guerra Casanova, CPF.

15. CNAM, Dept of Management, Innovation, and Prospective. PhD in Strategic Foresight (Bus. Admin, Engrg).
(French). Paris. Very strong program in quantitative and qualitative foresight, strategy, and research. Management and engineering interdisciplinary. Great applied internships, large network. Chair, Michel Godet. Contact: Dalila Amazit, Admissions.

16. Free University of Berlin and Institute of Future. MA in Future Studies (Interdisciplinary).
(German). Berlin. Interdisciplinary practice-oriented program. Students can do futures research in child and adult education, political participation, technology assessment, innovation transfer, climate, sustainability. Total cost: 5,200 Euros. Professor, Dr. Gerhard de Haan. Contact: Admissions.

17. University of Kerala. Dept of Futures Studies. MPhil and Ph.D.Phil in Futures Studies (Applied Sciences & Technology)
(Hindi) Thiruvananthapuram. Applied research, forecasting and planning. 12 seats for masters, less for PhD. 20 PhDs produced to date in a wide variety of topics, development, education, systems modeling, tech diffusion, IT planning, etc. V. Nandamohan, Dean/Director.

18. Imam Khomeini International University. PhD in Futurology (Humanities)
(Persian/Farsi) Qazvin. Foresight methods, science horizons, short-term and long-term planning. S&T orientation. State-run university, under Iran's Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. Dir, Mohammad Rahim Eivazi. University Admissions (English).

19. University of Tehran. PhD in Futures Studies (Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies)
(Persian/Farsi) Tehran. Foresight methods, research methods, economics, science and technology. Started 2010. State-run university, under Iran's Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. University Admissions (Farsi). Contact: Director, Dr. Amir Ali Saifoddin, Deputy, Dr. Mehdi Mohammadi.

20. Leonardo Da Vinci Online University, G. d'Annunzio U. MS in Scenarios for Innovation Mgmt (Bus. Admin.)
[Online program] (Italian). Chieti. Scenario development, scenario planning, innovation studies, management science. Dean, Maximum SargiacomoEmail: University Administration.

21. Monterrey Inst. of Tech, EGAP Center for Govt & Public Policy. MS in Strategic Foresight (Govt & Public Policy)
(Spanish). Monterrey. Training professionals in global trends, corporate strategic foresight, scenarios, design, entrepreneurship. Dr. Francisco Mojica.

22. U. of Lisbon, ISEG (School of Econ & Mgmt), MS in Foresight, Strategy & Innovation (Bus. Admin.)
(Portuguese). Lisbon. Strategic foresight principles, concepts, and applications. Trends, modeling, intelligence, knowledge management. Scenario thnking, simulation, designing and managing an innovation process. Email: Prof. Antonio Alvarenga. Also: ISEG Administration.

23. Fo Guang University, Graduate Inst. of Futures Studies, MA in Futures Studies (Sociology)
(Chinese). Ilan. Coverage of cross-disciplinary trends and futures of national politics, economy, culture, society, and environment. Research and forecasting. Also offers a BS in FS. Contact: Shing-Ko Liang, Professor.

Are you a student, alumni, faculty, advocate, or employer one of these programs? If so, we encourage you to join FERN, a community that networks the professional foresight education community, and helps graduates find great foresight careers.

A variety of foresight education frameworks are used by the above programs. Three decades after the first graduate foresight (futures studies) program emerged (Houston, 1975), there are far fewer primary programs today than we might hope or expect. Foresight professionals must challenge this scarcity in global culture, and do everything we can to ensure our existing programs offer obvious value to students in a world of accelerating change.

We believe that improving, networking, and promoting our best foresight and futures programs should be top priorities for the global futurist community, both academic (WFSF, etc.), professional (APF, etc.) and general (WFS, etc.). As Peter Bishop, Director of the Houston MS program notes, we must put particular emphasis on improving our forsight/futures doctoral programs, which do basic research and produce faculty able to staff new MS and PhD programs. We must also do our best to ensure that the leaders of our primary programs and key faculty in our secondary programs are publishing, practicing foresight professionals.

Primary and Secondary Foresight - Definitions

For these lists, we are using the Acceleration Studies Foundation's definition of primary, secondary, and domain-specific foresight specialties (methods, theories, and knowledge), as follows: 

Primary Foresight Specialties (26)Secondary Foresight Specialties (33)
Alternative Futures
Comparative Analysis and Competitive Intelligence
Corporate and Organizational Foresight
Critical Foresight (Causal Layered Analysis, etc.)
Development Studies and Acceleration Studies
Emerging Issues, Cross Impact and Pattern Analysis
Emerging Tech Analysis and Technical Intelligence
Ethnographic, Culture, and Subculture Foresight
Forecasting and Modeling/Simulation (basic)
Foresight Frameworks and Foundations
Foresight Journalism and Metrics
Game Foresight (Strategy, Serious Games, Wargames)
History and Analysis of Predictions
Horizon Scanning and Weak Signal Identification
Images and Artifacts of the Future
Personal Foresight Development 
Prediction Markets and Foresight Networks
Predictive Surveys and Delphi
Roadmapping (Long-Range Ind., Tech, Policy Maps)
Scenario Development, Planning, and Learning
Strategic Foresight 
Systems Thinking
Transhumanist and Ethics of Emerging Tech Studies
Trend Extrapolation and Learning Curves
Visioning, Intuition, and Creative Thinking
Wildcards / Black Swans (Hi-Impact, Low-Prob. Events)
Actuarial Science and Risk Assessment
Anthropology and Culture Studies
Cognitive & Social Psychology (Personality Profiles, etc.)
Collaboration, Facilitation, and Peace/Conflict Studies
Critical and Evidence-Based Thinking
Decision Theory, Uncertainty, and Real Options Analysis
Demographics, Sociology, and Action Research
Design, User Experience, and Art

Economics (Cliometrics)
Ethics and Values Studies
Evolution, Complexity and Systems Studies
Forecasting and Modeling/Simulation (advanced)
Futures, Sci-Fi, Utopian, and Dystopian Lit Studies
History (Alternative Histories) 
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studies and Networks
Innovation Journalism and Metrics
Integral Studies and Thinking
Intelligence Studies/Analysis

Investing and Finance (Long-Term)
Leadership Studies and Organizational Development
Library Science and Knowledge Management
Marketing (Predictive), PR, and Consumer Behavior
Philosophy (Normative Alternative Futures)
Political Science and Policy Studies
Probabilistic (Statistical) Prediction
Religious Studies (Future Beliefs)
Risk Management, Operations Research, Game Theory
Security/Defense Studies and International Relations
Science and Technology Studies and Technology Analysis
Socially Responsible / Triple Bottom Line Management
Strategic & L-R Planning, Decision Analysis and Support
Sustainability and Development (Economic) Studies
Urban Studies and Planning 
Domain-Specific Foresight Specialties (35, a partial list)
Architecture | Astrobiology | Biological Sciences | Bioethics | Biotechnology | Business Administration | Chemical Sciences | Computer Modeling and Simulation | Computer Science | Cybernetics | Economics and Econometrics | Education | Engineering | Evolutionary Biology | Gambling Studies | Generational Studies | Geography | History | History and Philosophy of Science and Technology | Information Science | Investing and Finance (Short-Term) | Knowledge Management | Library Science (general) | Management | Media and Communications | Mathematics | Philosophy | Physical Sciences | Psychology (general) | Psychographics | Statistics (general) | Technology Policy | Tourism | Urban Studies

For more foresight-related grad programs, see: 

Secondary Foresight Graduate Programs - Global List.

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