Foresight Resources

A starter list of useful Foresight Resources - analytical platforms, databases/search tools, models, games, trends, statistics, scenarios, weak signals, quotations, problems and solutions of interest to the global foresight community.

Foresight Resources pages are: 

Platforms (Analytical, Database, Innovation, Learning, Prediction, Search, Wiki) 
Trends (Trend Studies, Longitudinal Research Studies)
Weak Signals
Problems and Solutions
Other Resources

Foresight categories on each of these pages are TopSTEEPCOP, Multidisciplinary, and Unclassified:

Top Foresight
Science, Evolution, and Development
Technology (Engineering, Infotech, Sociotech, Cognotech, Biomedtech)
Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources
Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globalization, and Innovation Infrastructure
Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, and Sustainability Infrastructure 
Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Education, Religion 
Organizations: Leadership, Mgmt
Innovation & Entrep, Org. Sustainability & Development 
Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle

Multidisciplinary Foresight
Unclassified Foresight

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