Orgs - Top Foresight

Some of the top foresight organizations presently operating around the world. These organizations have distinguished themselves in one or more Primary Foresight Specialties, or take alternative foresight approaches, as seen in the variety of Foresight Frameworks.

Top Foresight Organizations
Listed alpha by organizational name. Two-line maximum for org description, thanks.

Foresight methods, economic analyses and relevant data for business and political foresight and decision-making (Warsaw, Poland) (Kacper Nosarzewski)
Acceleration Studies Foundation
Outreach, education, research, and advocacy with respect to communities and technologies of accelerating change. (John Smart)
Adizes Institute
Leading change management/organizational development consultancy (Ichak Adizes).
A global provider of leadership, innovation, and management support services for industry and government.
African Futures Institute
Pan-African foresight (prospective studies) and development thinking (Cape Town, South Africa)
AIR Worldwide (AIR)
Leaders in catastrophe and terrorism modeling, risk modeling and decision modeling (Karen Clark).
American Management Association
International leader in management training and professional development. Foresight subcommunity.
American Planning Association

Oldest U.S. association of practicing urban, policy, social, and business planners. Since 1935.

Arlington Institute 
Surfacing and preparing for surprise in the technological future (John Peterson). 
Association for Strategic Planning
Helping organizations to succeed through improved strategic thinking, planning, and action.
Association of Professional Futurists
Improving methodology and practice in the nascent future studies field (Cindy Frewen-Wuellner)
Atlantic Council
The Strategic Foresight Initative seeks to enhance understanding of the potential impact and the policy implications of long-term global trends, disruptive change, and strategic shocks. (Banning Garrett)
Technology development and assessment for industry and government. 
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (JFK Sch of Govt, Harvard U) 
Long term futures work on International security, climate change, nuclear issues, Middle East issues.
Bell Labs
Historical leader in blue sky U.S. R&D. Now Lucent's innovation group.
Booz Allen Hamilton
A global strategy and consulting firm, strong on forecasting and analysis.
Boston Consulting Group
One of the oldest and most diverse business consulting firms. Nice publications archive.
Breaking Trends (UK)
Global trends intelligence from 'alpha' cities and leading innovators (Alec Howe).
Brint Institute
Leading knowledge management portal applying systems research to business (Yogesh Malhatra).
Brookings Institute (Washington, DC)
One of the oldest and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research institutes.
Major nonprofit corporate social responsibility performance membership organization. Founded 1992.
BTexact, (and Ian Pearson, Futurologist)
Acceleration-aware futures articles and conference keynotes (Ian Pearson). 
Center for an Urban Future
NYC-based think-tank considering the future of cities.
A futures innovation and social foresight hub for the Philippines and South East Asia (Shermon O. Cruz)
Center for Future Consciousness
Writings, Presentations, Workshops, Programs, and Resources on the Future (Tom Lombardo, Jeanne Lombardo)
Center for Futurism in Education at Ben-Gurion University
Developing innovative educational ideas and online delivery systems, integrating ICT with humanistic values (Roni Aviram, Chair) 
Center for the Study of Science Fiction (CSSF)
Resources for teaching and navigating the fascinating, future-oriented world of science fiction (James Gunn). See also Science Fiction Research Assn (SFRA), the oldest professional org. for study of sci-fi and fantasy lit. and film.
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Nonpartisan think tank focusing on strategic insights and policy solutions to current and emerging global issues (John Hamre, Sam Nunn). Their Seven Revolutions program was started in 1992 and looks out to the year 2030 and beyond (Scott Aughenbaugh).
Central Intelligence Agency
Independent civilian intelligence agency responsible for providing national and international security intelligence to senior United States policymakers.
Clarium Capital Management
Exceptional future-oriented global macro hedge fund with a contrarian bias. (Peter Thiel)
Cognitive Edge (Singapore)
Tools for systematically exploring organizational foresight with complexity and network methods (David Snowden)
News and commentary on technology's most important executive conferences (Shel Israel)
Community Futures Network (Canada)
A network of 268 community economic development and visioning centers. Great example of government foresight and participatory democracy. 
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Denmark)
Strengthening decision-making in public and private organisations by improving awareness of the future.
Leading broad-based market research company.
DaVinci Institute
Entrepreneurship, innovation, and futurism. Membership organization. (Thomas Frey)
Decision Strategies (Houston, TX)
Foresight, uncertainty, and decision analysis strategy and consulting, primarily for large oil and energy corporations.
Decision Strategies International
Leading global consulting firm to Fortune 1000 in strategic decisionmaking, scenario planning, and scanning/weak signals.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) 
R&D agency tasked with maintaining the technological superiority of the U.S. military.
Defense Intelligence Agency
A major producer and manager of military intelligence for the US Department of Defense.
Top C-suite consultancy. Acquired Monitor, which acquired Global Business Network, scenarios & strategy shop. (Peter Schwartz)
Deutche Bank Research
A leading global think tank for trends in business, society, and finance.
Draper Fisher Jurvetson 
Premiere IT and nano venture capital for accelerating technological change (Tim Draper, John Fisher, Steve Jurvetson). 
Economist Intelligence Unit
World leading resource for global intelligence and analysis.
Leading site for deep social, technological, and scientific commentary (John Brockman).
Estonian Institute for Futures Studies
Foresight and development studies for the future of Estonia.
European Foresight Monitoring Network
Fantastic portal for global foresight project activities. Run by U. Manchester, PREST (United Kingdom). (
Mike Keenan)
Fast Future
UK-based change management, innovation, incubation, and venturing group (Rohit Talwar)
FBI Futures Working Group 
Law enforcement foresight community. Collaboration between FBI and Police Futurists International.
FEMA: Strategic Foresight Initiative 
To promote longer term thinking the emergency management community.
Finland Futures Research Center (Turku, Finland)
Leading European academic futures studies center. 17 member universities.

Finnish Parliament's Committee For the Future
Conducts foresight research, advises lawmakers on development, technology assessment, and social effects of technology.
Finnish Society for Futures Studies
Futures research and development studies for Finland.
Practice strategic foresight at a high professional level in all sectors of Canadian society and economy. We include a research centre, consultancy and service to the field. The largest network of Canadian futures researchers and strategic foresighters.
Forecast International
Market research and intel group serving aerospace, defense, and power industries.
Forecasting International
Global trend analysis, futures consulting and speaking (Marvin Cetron)
Foresight Institute
Understanding the future of nanotechnology (Christine Peterson).
Foresight and Innovation at Stanford University
Egineering and design research, education, and scenario development.
Forrester Research
Technology trends, strategy, and investment research. 
Founders Fund (San Francisco, CA USA)
Venture capital and seed startup/angel investing in groundbreaking technology startup companies. (Peter Thiel)
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Karlsruhe, Germany)
A leading institute investigating how innovation and technical productivity shape the global future.
Frost & Sullivan
Enabling clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. 
Future Foundation - Experian (London, UK)
Consumer trends, market research, new product research (Melanie Howard, Michael Wilmott).
Futures Foundation (Melbourne, Australia)
Tools and perspectives for indiv. and organizational futures (Charles Brass).
Futures Group International (and Futures Group Europe)
International health consulting and development planning. 
Future Skills (West Yorkshire, UK)
Presentations and workshops on all aspects of futures studies (Graham May).
Foresight & Trends 
IIR USA’s large conference and community on brands, marketing, foresight, and social trends.
Future Search Network
A global membership community, tools, advice for collaborative foresight facilitation and planning (Sandra Janoff, Marvin Weisbord)
Futures Lab
Consumer and business futures consultancy (Derek Woodgate).
Prospective studies/foresight research since 1960's (Hugues de Jouvenel)
Futures retreats, seminars, and conference keynotes (Glenn Hiemstra).
Global polling, political, market, and well-being research and consulting organization.
A leading consultancy and research firm on information technology in business.
Global Change
Trends analysis and conference keynotes (Pat Dixon)
Global Ideas Bank
Repository for edited public domain tech, policy, and business ideas for the taking.
Global Insight
World's leading econometric forecasting think tank.
Global Future Forum
Independent partnership of futurists, academics, and businesspeople for futuring, strategic planning and change management (.Rohit Talwar). 
Global Innovation Index (INSEAD Business School, France)
Benchmarking country innovation on an annual basis.
Global Vision Consulting Ltd.
Helping organizations understand and respond effectively to accelerating change (David Forrest).
GLOCOM, International U. of Japan 
Social science analysis of the information society.
Going Global Ventures (New York, NY USA)
Foresight, management and globalization consulting for businesses competing in the knowledge economy (Mark Minevich)
Henley Centre
International strategic futures and marketing consultancy (UK). 
Humanity Plus / World Transhumanist Association 
Considering technological changes to the human condition in the near and longer-term future.

IBM Almaden Research Center, IBM Research
Developing visionary products and platforms for intelligent technology.
A leading product, systems, and organizational design and innovation firm.
DARPA/VC arm of the U.S. Intel Community. Communicating intel needs, reviewing business plans, funding companies, delivering tech solutions. Founded 1999.
Leaders in market research and forecasts for semiconductor and digital devices.
A leading institute in technology forecasting, foresight, assessment, and long-term planning. Since 1971.
Intertraffic Innovation Awards (Netherlands)
Annual recognition of the most important innovations in intelligent transportation systems, cooperative systems, infrastructure, parking, safety, and environment.
Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
Promoting the practice and education of industrial design

Industrial Research Institute
Association of business leaders in R&D, working to enhance the effectiveness of technological innovation.
Infinite Futures
Forsight consulting, futures research, and strategic planning (Wendy Schultz). 
Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
Bipartisan, advancing a pro-innovation, pro-information technology public policy agenda (Wash, DC)
Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF)
Health care futures, governance and public policy consultancy (Clem Bezold, Jonathan Peck).
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Mission is to shape public policies that distribute the benefits and reduce the risks of tech advancement (James Hughes)
Institute for Future Studies (Innsbruck, Austria)
Applied research on the future of education and work.
Institute for Futures Research (IFR) (Bellville, South Africa)
Corporate strategy support. Affiliated with the U. of Stellenbosch futures studies graduate program. 
Institute for Futures Studies (IFS) (Stockholm, Sweden)
Futures studies, long-term analysis, and related activities.
Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (Germany)
Evaluating the development of emerging technologies, with a focus on sustainability (Rolf Kreibich)
Institute for Global Futures (IGF)
Business strategy, outreach, and forecasts for the digital future. (James Canton)
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)
Serves scientific and professional needs of OR/MS investigators, scientists, students, educators, and managers. OR is optimization theory and practice, "the science of better."
Institute for the Future at AACC
Excellent example of the kind of futures organization that should exist at every institute of higher education in the U.S. Has a speakers bureau for the faculty at this Community College that like to speak on the future, not just the past or present.
Institute for Scientific Research (ISR)
Advanced research and development for NASA, DoD, govt., and commercial clients (George Pederson).
Institute for the Future (IFTF)
One of the oldest and most respected futures consultancies (Marina Gorbis, 
Bob Johansen, Jake Dunagan, Devin Fidler).
Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF) 
Demand forecasting and operations planning education and professional development.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
"Eye-triple-E" is a non-profit, technical professional association of 380,000 individual members in 150 countries.
Research network advancing political and administrative sciences, and future scenarios for development.
International Data Corporation (IDC) and International Data Group (IDG)
A leading technology media and information technology market research firm. 
International Network for Engineering Education and Research (INEER)
A networking professional organization (engineers, educators and researchers in 98 countries) to help advance global engineering education and research. 
International Institute of Forecasters (IIF)
Stimulating the generation, distribution, and use of knowledge on forecasting. 
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
Globally improving teaching and learning by advancing the effective use of technology in education.
Kedge (Savannah, GA)
Foresight, Innovation, Creativity, & Strategic Design consultancy & think tank. (Frank Spencer) 
Leading long-term technology and artificial intelligence futures portal (Ray Kurzweil, Amara Angelica).
Leading Futurists LLC
Futures consultancy serving government, corporations, non-profits. (Jennifer Jarratt, John B. Mahaffie)
Lifeboat Foundation
Encouraging scientific advancement and better characterization of existential risks (Eric Klein).

Linden Lab
Creators of Second Life, the award-winning 3D online world where users create, inhabit, and own all digital content of their own design
LIPSOR (Laboratory for Investigation in Prospective Strategy and Org) (France)
Strategic foresight in emerging technologies. Strong PhD tech foresight program through CNAM. 
Long Now Foundation
Promoting long-term thinking and action. Excellent Seminars About Long-Term Thinking. See Long Bets for publicly-accountable long-term predictions (Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly).
Long Future Research Group (Hungary)
An attempt to look at the future on cosmological timescales (Eva Toth).
Long Term Strategy Group (Jacqueline Newmyer, Stephen Rosen)
Global security and conflict foresight and strategy. Boutique consultancy for defense, intelligence, government.
Machine Intelligence Research Institute 
Essays and projects on artificial intelligence and transhumanism (Eliezer Yudkowsky).

Maker Faire 
The world’s largest DIY festivals, celebrating prototyping and design innovation.
Strategy, innovation, futures, and collaborative process management (Steve Flynn).
Markle Foundation
Accelerating communications media and information technology development to improve civic life. 
Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science
Interdisciplinary and innovative research in the physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and humanities. 21,000 staff. 
McKinsey Global Institute
Economic research think tank of McKinsey & Co. Excellent broad reporting.
Leading global HR, strategy, and financial consultancy. Strong foresight focus.
Monitor 360 (San Francisco, CA)
Foresight on complex and ambiguous geo-strategic challenges for governments, policy makers, multinational businesses, and NGOs.(Doug Randall, Peter Schwartz)
NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NAIC)
Seeks proposals for revolutionary aeronautics and space concepts from outside thinkers and researchers. Model for eliciting high-leverage public foresight.
National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC)
National Academies perform a public service by bringing together committees of experts in all areas of scientific and technological endeavor. These experts serve pro bono to address critical national issues and give advice to the federal government and the public. 
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Japan's largest public research organization. Bleeding edge.
National Intelligence Council of the CIA
The U.S. intelligence community's center for mid- and long-term strategic thinking. Excellent futures publications.
National Opinion Research Center at University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Purveyors of the General Social Survey, demographic, behavioral, and additudinal survey of US residents since 1972.
National Security Agency
A cryptologic intelligence agency of the United States government, administered as part of the US Dept. of Defense.
Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI)
Foresight research in learning technologies, advanced sciences, defense technologies, and cyber conflict.
Brazilian node of the Millennium Project. Emerging issues, foresight, social innovations, capacity building for Brazil. 
OECD PISA (Program for International School Assessment)
Rates the OECD countries annually in the competitiveness of their 15 year olds. The US is now average in the OECD rankings, and on a declining trend at present.

Office of Naval Research (ONR)
To foster, plan, facilitate and transition scientific research.
PA Consulting Group
One of the oldest and largest global mgmt, systems, and tech consulting groups.
Palantir Technologies (Palo Alto, CA USA)
Provide analytics platforms for top financial and intelligence clients. 
Innovative visioning and alternative futures group in Antwerp 

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)
Xerox subsidiary. Interdisciplinary R&D in physical, comp., and social sciences.
Pardee Center for the Study of the Long Range Future, Boston U.
Exploring the world's long-term political and social future. 
Personal Futures Network (Harlingen, TX)
Free ebooks, resources links, and services for personal foresight and personal strategic planning work (Verne Wheelwright).
Principia Cybernetica Project
Leading portal for exploring concepts in cybernetics, systems theory, and complex adaptive systems (Francis Heylighen) 
proGective (Paris, France)
Foresight consulting for issue-driven research, foresight capacity building, and organizational transformation (Fabienne Goux Baudiment)
Program for the Human Environment, Rockefeller University
Exploring how long-run technical change relates to productivity and efficiency of energy, materials, land, and other resources, and the consequences for human populations. Elucidating our progression toward a micro-emissions society. 
Trends, innovation and market consulting, publishing, and conferences (Piers Fawkes)
RAND Corporation (and RAND Pardee Center
Trend extrapolation, policy studies and tech assessment pioneers.
Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) 
Advancing risk management globally. Serves 10,000 risk and insurance management professionals.
Rocky Mountain Institute
Innovation and technology oriented sustainability organization. Natural capitalism paradigm (Amory and Hunter Lovins).
Royal Dutch Shell
Pioneers of scenario foresight methodology. Foresight, forescasting and scenario planning are deeply imbedded in Shell culture (Jeremy Bentham)
SAMI (St. Andrews Management Institute) Consulting
Scenario planning, strategy, and risk management consulting to deliver resilient decisions in uncertain times (Gill Ringland).
Santa Fe Institute (and SFI Business Network)
Leading quantitative complexity studies institution (George Cowan, Murray Gell-Mann).
Shaping Tomorrow
Subscription-based trend analysis and futures database community. Free newsletter. (Michael Jackson, Shiela Moorcroft).
Shell Scenarios Group
Scenario planning pioneers. Long term energy and technology futures.
SRI International (Menlo Park, CA) and SRI Consulting (Chemical, Health, etc.)
With RAND, one of the oldest and largest foresight consulting think tanks. More research than policy oriented today. 2,000+ employees.
Strategic Foresight Group (Sundeep Waslekar) (India)
Excellent sociopolitical foresight work. Cost of conflict, Western-Islamic relations, geostrategic issues.
Private intelligence for global business, economics, security, and geopolitics.
Sunlight Foundation
Making government transparent and accountable by focusing on the digitization of govt data and the future of networked democracy.
Tech America
Trade assn representing many U.S. IT industry leaders, promoting U.S. IT competitiveness.
Expert-based (Delphi) tech trend forecasting and analysis community (Bill Halal).
Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
Maximizing technology’s contribution to economic growth, high-wage job creation, and the social well being of the United States. Includes NIST, NTIS and OTP.
Technology Futures
Technology forecasting methods, specializing in telecommunications, depreciation and valuation, and general forecasting. (Lawrence Vanston)
Top conference series on Technology, Entertainment, and Design for business and social leaders. Great videos.
The 451 Group 
Technology-industry analysts focused on enterprise IT innovation and M&A forecasting
The Future Laboratory (UK)
Fashion, consumer, and retail trends consultancy (Martin Raymond, Tom Savigar).
The Millennium Project
Nonprofit global foresight research think tank of futurists, scholars, planners, and policy makers. Publishers of the annual State of the Future report (since 1997) and the Futures Research Methodology compendium (now in V3.0). (Jerry Glenn, Ted Gordon). 
TNO (Org. for Applied Scientific Research) (Netherlands)
Very large independent research organization improving competitiveness and innovation for governments, companies, and organizations.
Social and marketing trend consultancy (Matthias Horx, Oona Strathern). 
Collaborative platform for writing and rating articles about the future of a variety of topics (Javier Marti)
Trends Research Institute (TRI)
A network of 25 multidisciplinary experts who forecast, analyze and track trends (Gerald Celente).
Trend Union
A leading fashion, brand and social trends consultancy. Paris based. (Lidewij Edelkoort)
Five conference/year forum for evaluation of emerging and breakthrough information technologies for Fortune 500's and top institutions. $30,000/seat. (Hal Levin)
Umberto Veronesi Foundation for the Progress of Science
Great annual conference on the Future of Science. (Venice, Italy). 
U.S. Air War College - Future Studies
Futures perspectives on security, warfighting, strategy, sci-tech, counterproliferation, innovation adoption, and other topics. (Ted Hailes)
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (WWICS) and 
Foresight and Governance Project at WWICS
Center is a living memorial for President Wilson, the only U.S. president with a Ph.D., who believed public service and scholarship should be unified. Acceleration-aware "policy dialog in a Moore's Law World." (David Rejeski)
Woodside Institute
Complexity-inspired (resilience and innovation) strategic planning (Gary Hamel, Liisa Valikangas).
Models, tools and ideas for building a bright green future. Worthy successors to Whole Earth Review and Whole Earth Catalog. 
World Future Council
The first well-funded effort (5 million Euros) at creating an international consortium of futures researchers. Focused on sustainability over innovation, yet a good balance to Western views. New HQ in 2007.
World Future Society - Professional Forum 
World's oldest professional foresight organization. (Jeff Cornish, Tim Mack, Patrick Tucker, Cindy Wagner).
World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF)
Oldest (1968) global assoc. of scholarly futurists committed to a better future of humankind. Welcomes scholars, practitioners, students, orgs, serious users of futures research and strategic foresight. (Jennifer Gidley)
World Technology Network
Multidisciplinary association of scientists and technologists creating new technologies and business processes. Invitation only.

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