Orgs - Public Policy and Governance

Foresighted and foresight-oriented public policy and lobbying nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) around the world. Categorized as Left of Center,Centrist, and Right of Center (left or right in either their social or economic policy). 

Listed alpha by organization name. Two-line maximum description, thanks.

Left of Center
Academy for Futures Studies (Denmark)
The non-profit NGO that founded The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (in 1970).
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Defending individual rights and liberties through work in courts, legislature, and communities.
Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)
Nation's oldest independent liberal political organization.
Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Helping greatly to create a post-gun society.
Campaign for America's Future
Progressive agendas for corporate accountability and political change.
Center for Ecoliteracy (Fritjof Capra)
Reconnecting children to the natural world to promote sustainable communities. 
Center for American Progress
Promoting strong government, strong defense, more protected and regulated enterprise, extended social programs, and individual welfare.
Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Leading legal institution of the progressive movement.
Center for Digital Democracy
Preserving the openness and diversity of digital communications and public interest programming.
Center for Genetics and Society
Anti-IGM (inheritable genetic modification) public policy org.
One of the leading public policy research institutes in China.
Earth Institute (at Columbia University)
Sustainability in science and public policy.
Economic Policy Institute
Wide ranging education and research promoting fair living standards and prosperous economies.
Electronic Frontier Foundation 
Maintaining civil liberties in an increasingly digital world. 

ETC Group
Technology assessment and regulation, corporate technological control.

Fabian Society
British Labour Party think tank, historically advocating slow change in social systems.
Foundation for National Progress
Social justice reporting (Mother Jones).
Environmental and go-slow technology activism.
Exploring the impact of emerging technologies and transhumanist issues on individuals and societies. (James Hughes, Fellows)
Institute for Policy Studies
Oldest U.S. multi-issue progressive think tank.
Institute for Public Policy Research
Britain's leading progressive think-tank.
Global, multicultural, and macrohistorical futures perspectives. Academic (Sohail Inayatullah, Ivana Milojevic). 
National Network of Grantmakers
Social justice network, not a funding agency.
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 
Aggressive pro-environmental activism.
New College of California
Educational university with training in social advocacy. 
Nuclear Control Institute
Significantly more alarmist than IAEA.
Nuclear Policy Research Institute
Dr. Helen Caldicott's nonproliferation group.
People for the American Way
Litigation and action for civil liberties.
Working to advance policies to achieve economic and social equity.
Progressive Policy Institute
Seeking to modernize progressive politics and government for the information age.
True Majority
Collaborative social justice project (Ben Cohen).
United for a Fair Economy
"The richest 1% own 38%, the poorest 40% own 0.2%." Advocates of economic democracy. 
Urban Institute
"Social security will fail in 2041." Singularity unaware. 
War Resisters League
Antimilitarism and Ghandian nonviolence advocates.
World Future Studies Federation
Multicultural, inclusive, moderately anti-West and anti-technological.
World Resources Institute
Sustainability, economic development, information access, social equity.
Worldwatch Institute (and Earth Policy Inst.)
Global assessment, environmental sustainability and social justice.

American Enterprise Institute
Advocating limited government but with interventionist foreign policy and strong defense.
Annenberg Public Policy Center (at U. Penn)
Media, communication, and public policy research.
Brookings Institute
Oldest and largest U.S. nonpartisan public policy research institute.
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Centrist group focusing on researching and improving policies that affect middle and low income Americans.
Center for Media and Democracy
Improving democracy by promoting citizen-developed media, including SourceWatch and Congresspedia wikis.
Center for Public Integrity
Monitoring the abuses of the lobbying industry, the little-known and lightly-regulated "fourth branch" of government.
Center for Responsive Politics (
Promoting transparency in government activity. Citizen-led unearthing and sharing the hidden activities of power. Ideologically nonpartisan, but default progressive (in today's politics). 
Nonpartisan defense strategy research, and evaluation of public and estimation of secret government defense budgets.
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Nonpartisan, strategic policy solutions for global issues (John Hamre, Sam Nunn). Seven Revolutions 20 year futuring program (Erik Peterson).
Center on Philanthropy (at Indiana University)
Improving the understanding and practice of voluntary giving, association, and action.
Center for Responsive Politics
Nonpartisan group that tracks money in politics and its effect on elections and public policy.
Citizens for Global Solutions
Building peace, justice and freedom through local activism with national and international institutions.
Think tank for the study and improvement of civil society (UK).
Committee for Economic Development (CED)
Independent, nonpartisan org of business and education leaders dedicated to policy research on major economic and social issues. 60 years old. 
Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy
A community of CEOs improving corporate giving.
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Nonpartisan, independent, national membership organization for foreign policy analysis and recc's. Publishes Foreign Affairs (since 1922).
Bringing democracy to voting, by eliminating winner-takes-all and moving to ranked choice voting (RCV) at local, state, and federal levels.
Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
Bringing scholarship to bear on policy development to advance U.S. national interests. Since 1955. 
Judicial Watch
Nonpartisan reform of the legal and judicial systems. Watchdogs monitoring government corruption and nontransparency of all types.
Institute for International Economics
Analysis and solutions for key international economic problems.
Long Now Foundation 
Promoting very long term individual and cultural thinking.

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) 
An independent international policy think tank generating ideas and dialogue on international developments and Australia’s role in the world.

Meridian Institute
Nonpartisan collaboration, mediation, and assessment services.
National Institute on Media and the Family
Improving the impact of mass media on children through research, education, and advocacy.
Network for Good
Leading national e-Philanthropy site, helping improve voluntary community activity.
New America Foundation
Independent, nonpartisan public policy institute focused on leaders under 40, using venture capital and discourse.
Public Knowledge
Advocating a fair and balanced approach to copyright and technology policy.
Resources for the Future
The leading centrist U.S. environmental, energy, and natural resource analysis group. Since 1952. 
Social Welfare Research Institute (Boston College)
Studying wealth, philanthropy, spirituality, and other dimensions of cultural life "in an age of affluence."
Think thank working in the areas of water diplomacy, peace, conflict and terrorism, and foresight methodology. Works with governments and organizations on in 50 countries and four continents.
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (WWICS) 
Wilson was the only U.S. pres. with a Ph.D. Wanted public service and scholarship to be unified. "Policy dialog in a Moore's Law World." (David Rejeski)

World Bank
World's leading international development bank. Pro-technology, acceleration-unaware.

Right of Center
American League of Lobbyists (ALL)
Professional organization representing special-interest political lobbying.
Americans for Prosperity
Aggressive conservative advocacy, funded largely by the Koch brothers.
Bradley Foundation
Conservative advocacy (freedom, private enterprise, limited government).
Cato Institute
Technology aware but unrealistically libertarian at times. The late Julian Simon was a Cato Senior Fellow.
Center for Bioethics and Culture
Christians advocating biotechnological policy debate.

Discovery Institute
Free-market policies and regional development (Northwest U.S.) 
Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC)
Connecting "Judeo-Christian moral tradition" and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues.

Heartland Institute
Market-based approaches to environmental protection and public services and regional development (Midwest).
Heritage Foundation
Conservative public policies of limited government, strong defense, more globalized and free enterprise, limited social programs, and individual liberty.
Hoover Institution
Promoting freedoms, private enterprise, and representative government.
Hudson Institute
Appreciates the crucial role of technology in accelerating progress. Founded by the late Herman Kahn.

Independent Institute
Fostering government reform, entrepreneurial innovation, and liberty.
Manhattan Institute
Improving economic choice and individual responsibility in civic society.
National Rifle Association
Defenders of the individual right to bear anonymous arms, a position becoming anachronistic in our increasingly transparent society. Expect mandated networked lethal and nonlethal defensive weapons to replace today's anonymous gun sales within a generation.
National Taxpayers Union
Advocates of simplifying federal and state tax codes that have become an unjustifiable sink of human effort.
Pacific Research Institute
Championing free-market policy and personal responsibility and regional development (Northern CA).
Reason Public Policy Institute
Promotes choice, competition, and dynamic markets.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Major conservative and big-business advocacy group.

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