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Other lists of foresight-oriented organizations around the world. 

Listed alpha by list name. Two-line maximum description, thanks.

Foresight Professionals Lists
4 2 Explore's List
Intro links to futurists, 'futurology,' and scenarios.
Organizations in seventeen categories, Alternative Worldviews to Sustainability.
Future Human Evolution
Introductory survey of transhumanist themes.
Joe Coates, Futures Resources & Web Links
Organizations, university programs, govt sites, publications. Great list.
Reed Riner's List 
Northern AZ U., Dept. of Anthropology. (Flagstaff, AZ)
Roger Caldwell's List
U. of AZ, Dept. of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (Tucson, AZ)
Royal Netherlands Acad. of Arts & Sciences - Global Foresight Studies
Global, national, and regional technology and general foresight studies.
Tom Lombardo's List
Rio Salado Coll., Dept. of Psychology, Philos., Integrated Studies (Tempe, AZ)
Wayne Boucher's List
Strategic Futures International (Washington, DC)

General Web Lists
Google Directory's List
 (web catalog)
Society > Future > Organizations 
Open Directory's List (web catalog)
Society: Future: Organizations

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