Values, Personality, and Psychology - PFP Assignments

1. Write a very brief outline of your Values. What qualities in people, ways of living, ideas, priorities, things do you care most about? Another way of uncovering your values is to talk about what you see in other people's actions that you DON'T like. Some of your core values may be the exact opposite of that. (1 para)
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2. List your StrengthsFinder profile
What are your top five words, in what order? What do they mean (very briefly). What do you agree or disagree with about this profile? (description + 1 para)
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3. List your DiSC profile. What does it mean to you (very briefly)? What do you agree or disagree with about this profile? (description + 1 para)
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4. Take the Humanmetrics “Jung Typology” (Myers-Briggs) Online Test 
A. What is your four-letter Myers-Briggs Type (in Pink Capital Letters?) What is your qualitative analysis (slightly, moderately, or distinctively expressed ) for each of the four types? Cut and paste below. (descrip.)
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B. Click through to the verbal description paragraph for your M-B Type by Kiersey. It starts, “The Portrait of the ….” Cut and paste this below. Read it carefully. What parts feel like they might be right and what parts wrong? (description + 1 para)
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C. Click the “Jung Career Indicator” and see the kind of careers Humanmetrics recommends for your type. List any that interest you on your Career Goals page.
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5. Take Bradberry & Greave's Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Test 
Emotional Intelligence 2.0, 2009 (Code in back of book for online test)
Alternative free brief online test (IHHP):
Be honest in answering the questions. Cut and paste the paragraph description you get below. Read it carefully. What parts feel like they might be right and what parts wrong? 
(NOTE: You don’t have to share these results on your Personal Futures Portfolio. If you do, you can also make your PFP confidential if you choose). (description + 1 para)
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Ready to start using this wiki page to record and reflect on your personal Values, Personality, and Psychology? Go ahead and start writing at the top of this page once you've finished these assignments. May you have a self-aware, meaningful, and producitive future!

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