Social and Fun – PFP Assignments

1. Recreation List
It’s great to have a place where you list things you have done or want to try that are both social and fun, things you can do for “re-creation”… of yourself. Have you ever hiked in Yellowstone, Zion, or Yosemite? Gone cross country skiing? Run a LAN party? Played in a tournament at a D&D convention? Danced all night at a rave? Gone to Burning Man? Partied at GDC? Gone to an LoTR, Star Wars, or other film fest? What have you done so far with friends (one to many), or what do you want to try, that is both social and fun? Keep a list of these special things here, and make sure you get them in your schedule on a regular basis. Use them as rewards for your accomplishments. A well lived life is as much about celebration and recreation as it is about learning, building skills and working hard. Enjoy! (list 1 “Re-Creation” item).
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