Projects and Skills – PFP Assignments

1. Current and Planned Projects
Please list below at least one project (personal, business, etc.) that you are currently working on or plan to work on within the next 12 months. Projects that have been listed here for longer than a year but are still untouched should be moved to your Someday/Maybe list, to keep this Projects list easy to manage. (list 1 current or planned Project, with 1 paragraph of description)
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2. Current and Planned Skills
Please list below at least one personal or professional skill you want to build up and keep strong through your current or planned Project work and experience. See Healthy Habits – Expertise for more on the value of focused, dedicated, long-term practice for skill-building and expertise. (list 1 project-related Skill, with 1+ sentences of description)
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Ready to start using this wiki page to record and reflect on your personal Projects and Skills? Go ahead and keep writing at the top of this page once you've finished these assignments. May you have a happy, masterful and productive future!

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