Ideas and Questions – PFP Assignments

1. Someday/Maybe Ideas
Please list below at least one idea (personal, business, etc.) you’ve been considering for the long term. Tasks or Projects that you end up not doing for longer than a year should be moved to your Someday/Maybe list. At least once a year you should look at your Someday/Maybe list, create subcategories, reorganize it, and bring some items back into Tasks or Projects. (1 Someday/Maybe Idea)
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2. Long-Term Questions
Please list below at least one question on some long-term topic that you are curious about, but haven’t had the time to research. This is a place to put “big” questions you don’t need to have answers to right away, but are still interested in researching or thinking more about in the future. Questions that you need to research soon should go under Tasks, or with their associated multi-step Projects. Tip: There are many places on the internet (Yahoo! where you can post questions and get professional or crowdsourced help. Consider doing this for some of your more difficult questions. (1 long-term Question) 
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Ready to start using this wiki page to record, arrange, and reflect on your personal Ideas and Questions in in coming years? Go ahead and keep writing at the top of this page once you've finished these assignments. May you have a happy, inquisitive, imaginative, and productive future!

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