Education+Work – PFP Assignments

1. Your Full Resume (Minus Career Objective)
If you have a resume, cut and paste it below. If you don’t, start one now by listing the basics of your educational background, work background so far, and at least one personal reference. Every time you apply for a job, you want to take this detailed resume and make a custom (and shorter) one, tailored specifically for the job you are applying to. You start your resume with an Objective, which you customize for each job. Some of that language can come from your Career Goals page, assuming you get a career in the industry you are aiming for. (Cut and paste your existing resume below or if you have to, create a VERY brief resume for this assignment. You can make it more detailed later, but this wiki page is a good place to keep your “master” resume.)
Add your resume here...

2. Advice: Post Your Resume Online
LinkedIn is a great place for you to list your past work experiences, and to get others to write “recommendations” for your past work with them, which stay online with your LinkedIn profile. Twelve million business people and students list their profiles/resumes on LinkedIn, and recruiters from big companies constantly look there to find skilled workers. Conventional job sites, like and are other places you can make a profile and list your online resume. There are also career specific places where you can list your resume, like If you don’t have a particular company or companies you are set on working at, you should list your resume at a good number of these online sites, to get the kind of offer you are looking for.
No writing required for this item, just read and consider it.

3. Current Class Schedule and Education plans.
This page is also a good place to plan your education schedule and list any future education plans you are considering.
No writing required for this item, just read and consider it.

Ready to start using this wiki page for recording your Education+Work activities and plans? Go ahead and keep writing them on this page once you've finished these assignments. May you be a lifelong learner, and have a well-paid, and productive future!

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