Companies and Internships - PFP Assignments 

1. What companies do you currently find inspiring? List at least three (3) companies you could see yourself working at, under the right circumstances. Make sure at least one (1) of these is a smaller company (under 150 employees). In addition to their website link, find a link to one good article or film online about the company, for each of these companies, preferably one that tells you something about the company's "culture." What kind of personalities do their top managers have? What kind of employees do they recruit? What do they value and reward? Describe both what the company does (some key products and services) and how they do it (company culture). (3 companies, 1 paragraph per company)
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2. Find at least one (1) formal student internship program, listed on a website, that you could see yourself doing either during one of your summers at UAT or on graduation. Describe the details of the internship here. Is it paid? If so how much? How long? 
What is the application deadline? What student experience, backgrounds and personal qualities are they seeking? Copy and paste their key language into your description below. Call or email them to get these details if they aren't listed on the website. (2 paragraphs)
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3. UAT currently doesn't have a formal list of what companies its alumni have gone to, by major. There is a general list of companies that have hired UAT students, which is available on UAT's external website however. Find this list, and select three companies you are particularly interested in either a) understanding better or b) possibly working at. What are these companies? Explain how you can go about figuring out who at UAT is now working at these companies, and how you will get their email. (1 paragraph)
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4. Write out a sample company inquiry email and paste it below. This email should be addressed either to 
a) a UAT alumni who is working at one of your companies of interest, or 
b) an interesting person who works at one of your companies of interest and whose bio (or a good personal article on them) is available online. 
The objective of this email is threefold:
1) to briefly mention what you like/are impressed with about that company and about the person you are contacting
2) to very briefly introduce yourself (your background, skills, and interests) 
3) to ask for information or advice (about internships, about some aspect of the company, about getting lunch, etc.)
Keep it short and sweet and post it here. Include the email address of the person you will send it to below. (2+ paragraphs)
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Extra Credit 1: Send this email, and post the response/discussion you get, if any below. (3 paragraphs)

Extra Credit 2: If you get a publicly listed email for a particularly desirable contact at a desirable company, post this info on our FD@UAT Wiki under Career Resources > Resources by UAT Major >> A. Company Leads for this Major. Don't list private email on our public wiki unless you get permission. Post the publicly listed email in a way that can't be easily scooped up by data-mining software (eg: john"at"company"dot"com).

Ready to start using this wiki page to record and reflect on your personal Company and Internship research and activities? Go ahead and keep writing at the top of this page once you've finished these assignments. May you have many happy, meaningful, and productive work experiences!

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