TCH110 - Personal Foresight Wiki

Personal Foresight Wiki (PFW)
This Wiki also Serves as the Students Final Portfolio and Final Exam

A component of the Course in Foresight Development (TCH110)
During the last seven weeks of the course students use the 
Personal Foresight Wiki Template to create and work on their own 14 page personal futures wiki, including Getting Things Done pages, visioning and goal development, personality profile tests, career planning and mentoring, considering possible career paths, company and internship research, learning about financial planning, money management, consequences of poor financial foresight, even writing their obituary! 

The shell at the link above is used by the students in class to create personal versions (on google sites or other online platforms). No one has access to the student's PFW. It is the student's alone.

These personal foresight writing assignments are assembled into a written document and submitted as a Take-Home Final Exam that is graded on completeness and clarity of expression, but not content (200 points). Students are encouraged to say what they will. They share only enough material from their Personal Foresight Wiki to answer the questions, and only with the level of detail they feel comfortable. Their wiki should remain private, a personal journaling and foresight resource they can use whenever they want.

TemplateThis is a featured page

A Personal Futures Wiki is an always-available online space that helps you build personal foresight. You can use it to organize relevant information about your personal past, present, and future. Selected output from your wiki is to be submitted in your Personal Futures Portfolio (Final Exam) in UAT's Foresight Development course. Your PF Wiki itself can be fully private. No one else needs to see it but you and anyone you choose to invite.

1. Please create your own Personal Futures Wiki like this one on wetpaint (or another web-based organizational space of your choice, like GoogleDocs, PBWiki, etc.). Choose a memorable URL (like and wiki name (you can easily change the name at any time, but not the URL unless you make a whole new wiki). Most people keep their wikis private, and sent out viewing or editing invitations to others as they wish. NOTE: Private wikis are great for private diaries, but I wouldn't store passwords or other highly sensitive info here. Even private wikis on wetpaint may not be fully secure. 

2. Add the following pages (bold names below) to your wiki (click "Add a new page."). After you create each new page be sure to click back to "Home" before adding the next page or you will get cascading subpages. You might also want to cut and paste the Legend table below into the homepage of your wiki.

GTD Pages
Tasks+WaitingSingle-step "Next Actions" ("Tasks") you can do now, & "Waiting For Others" items.
Projects+SkillsMulti-step, long-term "Projects" you have going, and any "Skills" that make you unique.
Ideas+QuestionsSomeday/Maybe "Ideas" (personal, biz, etc.) and long-term "Questions" to research.
Personal Pages
DiaryA place to journal--and occasionally review--daily or memorable life experiences.
MoneyIncome, expenses, budget, investments, money goals and plans.
HabitsHealth, exercise, practice, entertainment, any repeating "healthy habits."
Fam+FriendsYour important relationships, things your fam&friends like, don't like, and plans.
Values+PsychYour values, ideals, personality, and psychological traits.
Social+FunSocial groups, travel, other fun things you can do for "re-creation."
Career Pages
Career GoalsCareer plans and possibilities, current life goals and objectives.
Education+WorkDegrees, classes, jobs, highlights, current ed/work schedule, future plans.
NetworkingGroup memberships, conferences, networks that connect you to professionals.
MentorsLeaders, advisers, and helpers in your profession, and your contact history w/ them.
Co's+InternshipsCo. profiles, site visits, contacts. Internship opportunities and schedules.

3. Cut and paste the assignments on each page of this wiki template into your own wiki. Please do these assignments in your own wiki, and submit them (after editing out any particular parts you may wish to keep personal) in your Personal Futures Portfolio (TCH110 Final), as directed on the course shell. 

4. Feel free to make other mods (add your own new pagesreorganize pages, rename pages if you have better names, add crazy graphics) as desired to your wiki. Again, your personal wiki is fully private. Share it only with those others you wish, if any. I hope you find it a powerful tool for visualizing and improving your personal future!

Home - Personal Futures Wiki - ExampleAll material on this wiki is open source, creative commons licensed. Feel free to use any portion of this with appropriate attribution to "University of Advancing Technology, Foresight Development curriculum."