TCH110 - Lectures

The following are the units and weekly themes for our course lectures. 

Presentation slides for these lectures are posted to the course shell.
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 I. The Big Picture (Weeks 1-4)

Intro to and history of futures studies, theories of universal change, and the unique nature of our time—scientific and technological progress that runs faster every year of our lives.
Week 1 – Intro to Futures Studies
Week 2 – Evolution, Development, and the Future of Science
Week 3 – Accelerating Change and the Future of Technology, Part I
Week 4 
– Accelerating Change and the Future of Technology, Part II

Unit II. Global and Societal Foresight (Weeks 5-9)
Forces and choices affecting our planet and our socio-economic, socio-political, and socio-cultural environments.
Week 5 – Global Trends, Scenarios, and Models
Week 6 – Global Problems and Priorities 
Week 7 – Economics and the Future of Capitalism
Week 9 – Politics and the Future of Security and Democracy
Week 9 – Culture, Media and Education in a Network Society

Unit III. Business and Organizational Foresight (Weeks 10-11)
Forces and choices shaping the business and organizational world, the many social definitions of success, and practical success strategies.
Week 10 – Biz-Org Leadership, Innovation, Learning, and Predicting
Week 11 – Biz-Org Planning, Consensus-Building, Benefiting, and Metrics

Unit IV. Personal and Career Foresight (Weeks 12-15)
Using foresight in your personal life and future careers. Finding your own strengths, passions, vision, and voice, and navigating an increasingly option-rich future, "present trends extended" (PTE). 
Week 12 – Personal and Career Creativity and Visioning
Week 13 – Personal and Career Learning and Predicting
Week 14 – Personal and Career Planning and Negotiating
Week 15 – Personal and Career Benefiting and Measuring 

Great Futures Books (GFBs)
150 Great Futures Books (10 per week x 15 weeks) are introduced, passed around, and briefly discussed in this course. 

Great Futures Videos (GFVs)
Roughly 15 videos (1 per week x 15 weeks) will be viewed and discussed on ourFutures Movie Night during the course, and selections from additional videos may be viewed in class as time is available.

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