TCH110 - Essays

Essays 1-4 (50 points each)


This is your chance to do a teachback. Show us what you see ahead (or don't see). Teach us something cool. All essays stay within the class unless you want to post them to the wiki (totally up to you, not a requirement of the course).

The rules for your essay are:
1. Two page minimum (see APA style QuickGuide in Doc Sharing for formatting). Feel free to go over in length, but not much over. People are busy. You want to get your best ideas across in a concise format.
2. Your essay needs to be related (not the same, just related) to the theme of one or more of the Great Futures Books (GFBs) from Unit 1 (Weeks 1-3). Look at the books to get an inspiration for what YOU want to write about. You can find the GFBs in the shell under Resources (also on the FD Wiki under Books). You will also find a number of these books have been scanned online at (click on the book link from Resources or the Wiki, and if it has a "Search Inside This Book" feature on the book's picture at Amazon, then you can read many pages right at Amazon without paying anything). Some of these books are in the UAT library (ask at the library to see the list). Some can be borrowed from the instructor. You can also find many of them in the local public library, or buy any of them at Amazon (even 2-day shipping doesn't cost that much if you need a copy fast). 
3. Write the essay as if you were speaking it to an audience. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to read it out loud to yourself before you send it. Don't worry too much about grammar or spelling (still, spellchecking would be nice if you can). Instead think about the structure of your argument. What will you use for your opening "hook" to grab the reader's (or listener's) attention? Maybe an opening question, a quote, or a strong statement? How will you support your argument? Examples? Evidence? Opinion? Hypotheticals? Will you make your assumptions and biases clear, or have the audience try to guess them? What would be a thoughtful and interesting "conclusion"? Think also about word choice, clarity, persuasiveness, interestingness, even wittiness or humor if you want. Write something that you, sitting in the audience, would like to listen to.
4. Your essay needs just three citations in it. Use brackets (like [1],[2],[3]) to identify the citations in the essay, and place them at the bottom. More citations is always fine but not necessary unless you want them. Two of the citations should come from one of the Great Futures Books, and the third can come from anywhere else (a website, an article, a video, etc.).
5. Use APA style for your citations and essay formatting (roughly at least). See APA style QuickGuide. You won't get points off if you miss periods or switch things up, you just want it to be roughly correct.
6. Take a stand on something! Let's see your thoughts on something related to possible, probable, or preferable futures, for you, the US, the world, or whomever you want to write about.


When done:
1. Send your essay to me in the Dropbox (use your essay title in the post, if the shell lets you).
2. Post it on "Essay 1 Share" Discussion Board in the shell (again, use your essay title in the title of your post).

Looking forward to learning from you!

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