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Foresight Development (TCH110) - Sharable Public Curriculum

This is a sharable reusable copy of the course website and curricula for Foresight Development (TCH110).
TCH110 is a 15 week required undergraduate course in global and organizational foresight education and personal foresight development. Developed by John M. Smart in 2008 for the University of Advancing Technology (UAT UAT is a four-year university in Phoenix, AZ whose mission is educating innovators of the future. TCH110 continues to be taught to all undergrads at UAT.

Weekly Films
Personal Foresight Wiki 
(you will fill out this career, relationship, and life foresight wiki over the last ten weeks - it serves as your Final Exam)
Teaching Template 
(for new teacher training for this course)

This wiki is on the Open Social Web. Be courteous, and don't post anything you wouldn't want accessible to everyone. Joining this wiki is not a requirement of TCH110 (you can turn in your resources by email if you wish) but it is recommended for those who wish to participate in open online community. Regardless, everyone has to at least come to the website to view what we are creating together. Welcome to the wiki!

Be Bold! 
This is your space to add resources, resource commentary, post questions, and have discussions, so don't be shy. You can visit this wiki anytime, and you'll be directed here four times over the course for "wikiraid" community resource-building assignments.

Wikirules: Please include your name (full name or first name plus last initial) at the end of any wiki contribution you make, with a dash in front (Example: - Joe Student). All wiki posts may be edited for grammar, style, clarity and brevity by any of us. The entire wiki is heavily edited at the end of each semester. Only the best contributions survive the end-of-semester cut. Make sure several have your name on them so you leave a legacy to the course! 

Thanks for sharing your best futures resource discoveries and ideas here, and have fun!

Educators, Researchers, and Advocates of Foresight Education:
  1. If you would like editing privileges here, email course director (John Smart, johnsmart(at), introduce yourself and what resources you'd like to contribute. We are always glad to have more folks helping students think broadly, deeply, and critically about the future.
  2. If you interested in adapting a version of this course for your own institution, we'd love to help you. Course slides (15 weeks) for TCH110 are available to qualified instructors on request. 
  3. Join the Foresight Education & Research Network (FERN), a group of 500+ individuals teaching or researching foresight education around the world. Help us spread quality foresight education globally!

All material posted here in relation to this course is open source, creative commons licensed. Feel free to use any portion of this with appropriate attribution to "University of Advancing Technology, Foresight Development curriculum."