Foresight Shared Curricula

Foresight Shared Curricula - Global List

Feel free to copy, revise, and adopt any of these course curricula and materials for your own foresight courses. 

Foresight Curricula are educational methods, concepts, and knowledge used in any course that attempts to look to and analyze the future. Courses with 50% or more of the course material dedicated to foresight work, are encouraged to share the foresight components of their courses here, as a service to other foresight educators and students globally.

I. Other Foresight Curricula Sites and Databases 

In 2008 the WFSF initiated a small database-backed Foresight Curriculum sharing community. While a nice start it hasn't grown much since, and the platform isn't very intuitive or easy to use for sharing.

2. U. Houston
In 2009 Peter Bishop of the U. Houston Futures Studies MS program created a Foresight Education Project website that also includes some shared curriculum.

II. FERN Foresight Curricula List
This is FERN's starter page for sharable foresight curricula.  We need to create a database-backed curriculum sharing platform, ideally one that is easier to use than the existing ones. Our starter list of shared courses:

Institution: University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, AZ
Instructor Name and Email: John Smart (johnsmart{at}accelerating{dot}org)
Description: A core undergraduate 15 week course in foresight development. Foresight development is defined by the instructor as a mix of personal foresight skills practice and general foresight education.

Know of others? Let us know, thanks!