Foresight Communities

Foresight Communities - Global List
(Free and low cost)

Social Networks

Social Networks We Recommend
A. Free Online Foresight Social Networks 
1. Global Foresight - Facebook Group
For general foresight discussions and networking. 
2. Global Foresight - LinkedIn Group 
For business and professional foresight discussions and networking.
3. Foresight Education and Research Network (FERN) - LinkedIn Group
For foresight students, grads, faculty, employers, and advocates. See also our FERN wiki. 

B. Other Free or Low-Priced Foresight Networks in Primary Foresight Specialties to Consider Joining
Association of Professional Futurists (APF)
$195 professionals/$50 students per year . 400+ members. Active.
Great discussion list, great professional network. For those who: 1. 
Know the tools and perspectives of futures studies, and use them to enable others to identify options, decisions, and actions in the present. 2. Employ long-term thinking and planning and encourage others to do so. 3. Encourage use of the tools and perspectives of futures studies in public, private and professional endeavors.
Australasian Futures and Foresight Association (AFFA)
$330/165 per year. 40+ members. Started Feb 2008. Same joining criteria as APF. 
European Foresight Monitoring Network (59 global correspondents, thousands of foresight documents)
For those doing government or industry foresight work in Europe or elsewhere to share research publicly (Mike Keenan).
European Foresight Platform Network-building foresight program, mapping leading foresight work in Europe and around the world. Supported by EC money. Project of the Australian Inst of Tech (AIT)), with collaboration of JRC-ITPS, and U. Manchester MIOIR/PREST and TNO Netherlands.
Free network of Canadians with a serious interest in futures research and strategic foresight. 
Foresight Education Project (50+ members).
For foresight/futures educators to share and improve foresight education curricula. See FEP Wiki
They also publish the annual State of the Future report and the Futures Research Methodology compendium. They meet annually at WFS conferences. (Founders, Jerry Glenn and Ted Gordon)
Humanity Plus (formerly: World Transhumanist Association)
$50/$20 per year. 4,840 members. Active. Many free discussion lists. 
World Future Society (WFS) - General and Professional 
$49/$20 per year. 25,000+ members, but no known online discussion groups. 
The oldest and largest futures organization. Nonpartisan, broad-based.
World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF)
$70/$45 per year. 200+ members, active lister discussion among the world's scholarly-minded practitioners.
For persons and orgs "committed to futures studies, strategic foresight and future-oriented societal change." 

C. Higher-Priced or Secondary Foresight Specialties Networks to Consider Joining
American Academy of Actuaries (Unknown size)
American Statistical Association (Unknown)
Association for Managers of Innovation
Association for Strategic Planning (Unknown). Strategic and long range planning are closely related to foresight.
Global Business Network (Unknown)
Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (Unknown). Forecasting is closely related to foresight.
International Actuarial Association (Unknown)
International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) (Unknown). Innovation mgmt is closely linked to foresight. IM tools can effectively "crowdsource" next-generation ideas and strategies from employees, users, and the world.
Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (Unknown). Competitive intelligence is closely linked to foresight.
World Future Council (Unknown)

D. Free Foresight Social and Discussion Groups to Consider Joining
Applied Foresight Network (254 members, semiactive. Canada, global.)
Broad discussions of "big picture" futures topics (sustainability, ethics, vision). Free.
ASF Future Salon Network (~1,500 members, 15 Yahoo!/Google/MeetUp/Facebook Groups)
Free local social salons that regularly discuss futures issues in 15 cities around the world so far (start your own!):
European Foresight Monitoring Network (EFMN) (59 correspondents. Global.)
Excellent EU-funded foresight materials aggregation community! Includes results of over 1,200 (so far) European and other national foresight studies. Great contacts for meeting foresight researchers. 
Extropy-chat (unknown number of members, active. USA, global).
Oldest transhumanist discussion list. Some futures studies, deep thinkers. Mild libertarian bias. Since 1991.
Humanity Plus (formerly, World Transhumanist Association) (4,840 members. Active.)
WTA Discussion lists. Topical and regional. WTA Talk is is the main list. Moderate volume.
Transhumanist Student Network Facebook group. (1,353 members. Active.)
Roughly fifty free local chapter lists, from Argentina to VenezuelaFourteen in USA. Most onmailman platform).
Roughly eighteen WTA chapters meeting monthly. WTA-affiliated online groups and members:
Long Now MeetUps (318 members, 5 groups, global).
Prompting "Slower/Better" foresight thinking globally. Based in SF, USA. See Long Now Foundation for blog, videos, and more.
Polish Society for Futures Studies (Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów nad Przyszłością - PTSP) (Warsaw, Poland)
Promoting responsible and accurate foresight, and creating an environment for futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers to meet and exchange ideas on Poland’s future. Started 2010. Facebook page.
Strategic Foresight Meetup (Melbourne, Australia, international members welcome). This group was started by graduates of the Swinburne MMSFS/MSFS/MEI programs. Regular monthly community of practice/foresight discussions, plus discussions on the meetup site/uploaded files etc. Find us also on Twitter: @agseforesight.
The Millennium Project (Jerry Glenn and Ted Gordon)
They have thirty five "country nodes," from Argentina to Venezuela. These folks contribute to Millennium Project (State of the Future) foresight work. Great contacts for setting up local foresight groups in these countries!

E. Fee-Based General Futures/Foresight Social and Discussion Groups to Consider Joining
WFS Chapter Lists (Africa/Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Europe, No. America, So./Central America)
A number of futurists are listed as "chapter heads" with contact emails. Small annual chapter fees.

F. Communities for Foresight Educators
Foresight Education and Research Network (FERN)
FERN exists to network and support foresight students, grads, educators, researchers, employers, and advocates. Please join our FERN LinkedIn Group, and if you like, our FERN Ning Group inside Shaping Tomorrow's Foresight Network. Find out about our projects by visiting the FERN wiki. We look forward to working with you to advance our field!

World Future Society has established a Futures Learning Section "committed to all forms of futures learning." On the academic side, Peter Bishop (Director, U Houston MS in Futures Studies) has started a Futures Learning listserve. WFS also publishes Future Times and Learning Tomorrow, newsletters for those interested in Futures Education and the Future of Education.

World Futures Studies Federation is a professional society of futures researchers, academics, and consultants, originally started and still continuing with a strongly sustainability-oriented and somewhat anti-Western ideological bent. Founded in 1967 they have a mission to promote futures education and research. Given their long existence, WFSF has been less active in advancing academic foresight than one might expect. As a result, FERN founders feel the need to develop our own organization and approach to promoting foresight education, careers, and research. Foresight is a big topic and challenge for humanity, and there's plenty of room for a number of complementary organizations and approaches.

Top Foresight Conferences - United States
Accelerating Change 
Multidisciplinary issues and challenges of accelerating technological change. (Sept, occasional)
The first conference on artificial general intelligence
ACM SenSys
Systems issues in the emerging area of embedded, networked sensors.
AlwaysOn: Innovation Summit
Delivering communication, content, and commerce to consumers 24/7. (July)
Abscicon (Astrobiology Science Conference)
The leading conference for multidisciplinary insights in astrobiology.
American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Conference
A leading multidisciplinary AI community. (July)
American Sociological Association Annual Conference
Advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession. (Aug)
Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Conference
Leading U.S. computational linguistics conference. CUI here we come!
Austin Game Conference
Leading multiplayer game developers conference.
An open, self-organizing, emergent, and anarchic science and technology conference. (Feb)
Body Computing Conference (U. of Southern Cal.) (Oct)
Implantable devices that wirelessly update the individual (and others) on health history and status.
Fortune magazine's annual gathering on business, technology, and world affairs. 
Breakthrough Technologies for the World's Biggest Problems
Arlington Institute conference (Apr)
Business 4Site
One of the leading technology summits for business solutions (Ziff-Davis). (June)
The leading global IT conference. 500,000 attendees! A truly planetary phenomenon. Hannover, Germany. 
Leading U.S. consumer electronics technology marketplace conference. (Nov)
Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
A major consumer electronics trends conference. Includes Enabling Technology Forums (Jan)
Conference on the future of bio nano info cogno
Annual technology demonstration prototypes show. Cutting edge. (Feb)
Digital Hollywood
Popular entertainment and technology convergence conference. Getting memes to the masses.
DoD Cyber Crime
Leading US conference for digital forensics, forensic R&D, IT security, and legal issues of cyber crime.
Doors of Perception
Doors prioritises social needs over technology-push on the agenda of design and innovation. Annual international conferences.
Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT
Near term future of science and technology. (Sept)
European Futurists Conference
Networking futurists, analysts, scientists, and long-term decisionmakers in Europe. (Nov) 
Federal Forecasters Conference
Interdisciplinary consortium of governmental leaders seeking to improve forecasting for public policy decisions.
FOO Camp
Friends Of O'Reilly. IT developers and world improvers. Wireless in Tents. (Oct)
Foresight (Regents University)
Conference on foresight and futures thinking for spiritual leaders. Ecumenical, but Christian-focused.
Foresight Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology
Near and long-range risks and benefits of nano and technological futures. (Oct)
Foresight Vision Weekend
Interdisciplinary conference on molecular nanotechnology and related fields
Future In Review (FiRe)
A leading technology and business futures conference for tech leaders. Strategic News Service (Mark Anderson) (May)
Future Forward
New England emerging technologies and business summit. Invite only.
Future Trends/IIR
IIR's annual market trends and business futures conference (Nov).
Game Developers Conference/Serious Games Summit
The largest game developers conference, growing but still very minor representation of serious games (Mar)
Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Conference (GECCO) 
Near term future of today's first generation self-evolving computers. (June)
Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference
Future of computers, networks, and new technologies.
Outsell's annual IT futures conference. (Sept)
A conference on sustainable transportation and the future of transportation.
Using IT technology for business, career, and personal life. Geek culture!
Health Care Forecast Conference
Annual political and economic forecasts for U.S. health care industry (Feb).
Idea Festival (Oct)
Exploring innovation from an interdisciplinary perspective (Louisville, KY)
IEET SEMINAR: Preventing Extinction
Day long seminar on existential risks, threats to the future of humanity

INFORMS Annual Conference
Leading U.S. conference on operations research and management science.
International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
Largest annual international invention conference. 1000 often silly inventions, 55,000 attendees. Started 1972.
International Symposium on Forecasting
Annual gathering of the world's leading forecasting researchers and practitioners.
Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM)
The largest annual gathering of statisticians in North America.

Management of Change
Using information technology to improve citizen services and e-Government.
Online and digital media trends and intelligence conference. (Dun Laoghaire, Ireland) (Jack Murray, Director)
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR)
Premier forum for computer scientists and physicians who develop and refine advanced, data-centered tools for clinical care and medical education.
Metanexus (Science and Religion in Context)
Interdisciplinary dialog on the convergence of science and spirituality.
For the international modeling and simulation community (business, industry, academic, governmental).
NBIC Convergence Conference
Future of Nano, Bio, Infotech, and Cognitive Science (NBIC). (Feb)
New Yorker Conference
Theorists, designers, economists, philosophers, ethicists, animators, inventors, musicians, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, scientists, artists, politicians, engineers, financiers musing on the near-term (5-10 year future).
Broad ranging, multidisciplinary exploration of the future of medicine. (Shaun B. Jones MD)
O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference 
Near term future opportunities for information technology. (Mar)
Outsourcing World Summit
Leveraging the global economy to advance business and technology (Feb)
Performance Measurement for IT in Government
How to maximize the performance of IT investment in large, bureacratic organizations. (Jan)
Personal Democracy Forum
The leading conference on the use of technology to improve transparency, democracy, and political performance.
IT networks, interdependence, social activism, and environmental agendas.
Pop!Tech: The Camden Technology Conference
The impact of technology on people and culture. (Oct)
Portland Internat'l Conference on Mgmt of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 
Topics in E&T management. TF&SC-affiliated, Portland State U.-affiliated.
Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs
International conferences on science, social responsibility, and disarmament.
Push Conference
Culture, commerce, technology, art, science - and their intersection. Future-oriented. (Cecily Sommers)
Annual robotic competitions of all types. San Francisco, CA.
Largest business, development, education, and consumer event. (Oct)
Leading East Coast hacker and 'technology exploitation' convention.

Siggraph (ACM)
Premiere computer graphics and interactive techniques conference. (July)
Singularity Summit
Annual conference on artificial intelligence and the technological singularity. (Oct)
Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference
Oldest and largest scholarly association devoted to understanding science and technology. (Oct) 
Solutions for a Shrinking Planet
Conference of Engineers for a Sustainable World. Innovative development in emerging nations. (Sept)
Leading U.S. forum for computer speech technology products, apps, and services. Moving us toward the conversational interface. (Feb)
Exploring the decentralized communications, IT, software, and media future. (June)
National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
Includes the Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference (July)
National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment
Research and policy on topical issues in environmental policy.
Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)
Leading machine learning conference. Great applications. (Dec) 
Conference on disruptive technologies for the investment community. (May)
State of Play
Leading conference on emerging legal issues in virtual worlds. New York Law School (Oct)
SXSW (South X SouthWest's Southwest Music and Media Conference)
Leading music, film, and interactive media event. Austin, TX.
Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics 
Systems theories for understanding planetary and technological futures. 
Technosapiens (CBC
CBC Christians engaging transhumanists in technological futures discussion.
Expensive ($6K) but top-tier invite-only conference on global trends in technology, entertainment, and design. Ideas for change.
TechnoSecurity and TechnoForensics
Latest practices, trends, and threat analysis in digital security and digital forensics.
Telluride Tech Festival
Celebration of the past, present, and future of technology.
The Next Twenty Years (TNTY)
Long range futures in technology, energy, biotech, and medicine. (Orgs only).
World Transhumanist Assn. occasional conference. Exploring the use of science and technology to overcome human limitations.
Web 2.0 Conference (O'Reilly)
Emerging business and technology developments on the web.
Winter Simulation Conference
Academic and industry discussion of simulation for automation, scheduling, risk analysis, security, education, and other apps.
Wired's NextFest
Wired's look at how technology and creativity interact to make the future. (June)
Annual science popularizing debate series. San Francisco Bay area. (Nov)
World Conference on the Future of Science 
Top thinkers, great themes, tremendously insightful. Venice, Italy (Sept)
World Future Society
The oldest and best known international futures conference. (July).
World Innovation Forum (HSM
Expensive ($2K) bicoastal executive conference on innovation trends (April & June)
World Nano-Economic Congress
Premiere intersection of thought leaders in nanotechnology and business. 
World Summit on the Information Society
Seeking to maximize the effectiveness of information and communications technologies in global socioeconomic development (UN ITU produced).
World Technology Summit
Multidisciplinary association of scientists and technologists creating new technologies and business processes. Invitation only. (Oct) 
World Telecommunications Development Conference (ITU)
International policy for closing the global digital divide. (Organizations only.)
Other Lists:
See also this list of Acceleration-Relevant Conferences (ASF, 2005)

Top Foresight Conferences - International (non- USA)
AusForesight Conference (Australia)
Professional futurist community in Australia. First meeting 2006.
Emerging technologies, foresight, and innovation, from a B2B Focus. 2500 Euros. 80 Participants 
European Futurists Conference (Switzerland)
Annual gathering of futurists and long-term decisionmakers in Europe (Pero Micic, Georges T. Roos).

Learning Technologies (London)
Europe's leading organisational learning and learning technology in the workplace conference. Serious games and simulations too.
Lift Conference (Europe, Asia)
A community of doers and thinkers that explore the social consequences of new technologies (Laurent Haug).
Global Catastrophic Risks Conference (United Kingdom)
On the risk of technologically induced
 damage to human well-being on a global scale. (July)
Prospecta Peru (Peru)
Annual conference (since 2003) of National Congress of Foresight and Future Studies of the National Science, Tech, and Innovation Council of Peru (September)
Summit on the Future of Risk (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Annual foresight conference of the Club of Amsterdam. Very multidisciplinary and multicultural (Felix Bopp)

Trend Day (Hamburg, Germany) 
Trendburo's annual one day trends conference (Matthias Horx, Ooona Strathern).
World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland)
International conference improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas (Jan)

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