Professional Networking

Networking is about meeting people in the industry you want to work in and getting known. There is professional networking, which you should be mainly doing, and general social networking, which can also be useful but should be secondary in your career planning activities.

Have you made your business cards? Do you have extras in your wallet right now?
Do you have a personal website or weblog, or at least a profile at LinkedIn?
Do you have an online resume of your experience so far posted to this site, with a link to it on your business card?
Are you a student member of at least one professional association in your industry/industries of interest?
Are you on any social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)? Have you joined (or started) industry related groups there?
Have you attended professional conferences (you can go for free as a volunteer) in your industry/industries of interest?
Are your professional conferences in digital calendar (pref. a web-based one, like Google's calendar) with email alerts?
Have you started a searchable online list of contacts (pref. a web-based list, like Gmail) in your industry?

Share your best tips and links about Networking for foresight career planning below.