Getting Started

What are good resources for starting out in foresight career planning?
How should foresight students and grads organize their approach?
What questions should they ask themselves?
What and how should they research?

Share your best tips and links about Getting Started with foresight career planning below.

Self-Assessment - Top
Gallup's excellent quick (40 minutes online) and affordable ($15) self-assessment tool for determining your top five of thirty four different personality "talents". Gives you tips on the types of careers that fit best with your strengths. Reasonably validated.

Self-Assessment - General
Career Tests
Links to other sites that allow you to take a test to see what career your'e suited for. 

Career Planning - General
Good planning site.
Career Tests, Career Counseling, Free Job Search Advice
Career Planning at
 Provides many different links to career options and different career planning steps.
A great overall site that covers everything from breaking into your career to portfolio management to hiring.
One of the leaders in technology placement.
Pick a location in the USA that you would like to work, then pick what kind of work you want to do. Uses its massive database of salary information to determine what kind of pay you can expect to start with for that line of work in that location.
Job Search at
General Job/Career hunting advice, for all professions.
Large jobs board. Good search tool.
Useful for finding the demand for certain geek/nerd specific jobs. 
Mapping Your Future
this site allows you to develop a career plan and progress from there to find out your desired path 
One of the oldest and largest jobs portals. Career Advice
Helpful articles for helping out anyone looking for a job.
The Career News
A nice website with a weekly newletter designed to answer questions and give helpful tips in getting a job.