Getting Internships

Internships are typically part time experiences of short duration in a company and industry of interest. They should be at least three months and often six months to a year, long enough to get past being a nuisance and able to get some real work accomplished. They can be paid or unpaid, and you can do them even if you have a full time job or full time schoolwork. If you are working another full time job, you can pitch them to the prospective company as something you want to do in your "20% time", one day a week, to demonstrate your abilities, with no risk to them. That can be a way to manufacture your ideal job, or go seriously looking for it.

There are a number of great foresight consultancies and foresight departments in large companies, and they can be hard to get into, particularly in tough economic times. An internship can be an excellent way to evaluate the company and managers you might work with, and see if they would be a great fit, when conditions improve. They'll do the same with you of course, and at low risk to both of you.

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