October 2020
Try out reference data-driven metabolomics using the Global FoodOmics dataset with our new step by step tutorial!

July 2020
Check out our recent work, which is available on biorxiv as a preprint! 

October 2019
Check out the recent invited talk by Julia Gauglitz! 

September 2019
Global Foodomics was filmed alongside the American Gut Project for an upcoming documentary on the microbiome by a fantastic team from Al Roker Entertainment Industries. We'll share the air date once it's available! 

July 2019
Congratulations to the Global FoodOmics team for our first publication in the journal Food Chemistry: 
"Untargeted mass spectrometry-based metabolomics approach unveils molecular changes in raw and processed foods and beverages." 
We are very excited!

June 2019
Foodomics will be at the 2019 American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out all the cool talks and posters from the Dorrestein lab!

There are now over 3,500 public food samples in GNPS-MassIVE! We have sequenced almost 2,500 paired samples! 
Many thanks to the Dorrestein and Knight lab teams - this is an awesome effort!

May 2019
Francesca Di Ottavio successfully defended her PhD thesis! Big congrats on a job well done!

January 2019
Bohan Ni joined the team and is helping add more computational skills to our efforts!

September 2018
Foodomics team has generated a dataset of 2269 samples. All data are publically available at under MSV000083010.

June 2018
Foodomics methodology applied in a hand-on project in the undergraduate/graduate course: "System-Wide Mass Spectrometry: Proteomics and Metabolomics in Biology, Microbiome and the Clinic".
Manuscript preprint available on Bioarxiv! Untargeted Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics Tracks Molecular Changes in Raw and Processed Foods and Beverages.

Global FoodOmics had a great turnout at the 2018 American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting in San Diego, CA! Awesome posters by Francesca Di Ottavio, Elizabeth Brown, Chrissy Aceves, Nicole Sikora and Morgan Panitchpakdi.
Dr. Julia Gauglitz also presented in the Metabolomics: Untargeted Profiling session. 

Dr. Julia Gauglitz presented in Seattle, Oregon at Metabolomics 2018 in the Food and Nutrition session. 

Dr. Julia Gauglitz attended the AAAS Pacific Division meeting in Pomona, CA. Together with other members of the Dorrestein Lab, she presented in the Microbiome in the Environment, Health, and Disease session.

March 2018
Global FoodOmics presents at the UCSD's Center for Microbiome Innovation Summit on March 7, 2018. 

February 2018
Community engagement and panel discussion with Rob Knight at the San Diego Fermentation Festival, Sunday February 11, 2018.

November 2017
Dr. Julia Gauglitz was invited to give the keynote on November 10, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the South East Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) in the "Chemistry of Food Fermentation Symposium: Metabolic profiling of fermented foods, bioactivity, flavor development and impact on health"

September 2017
Dr. Julia Gauglitz will be giving a talk at the Oregon Fermentation Festival on September 2nd 2017. Also featured will be Dr. Embriette Hyde from the American Gut Project. Below is the link to the event website.