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Julia Gauglitz
Dr. Julia M. Gauglitz is the project manager
of Global FoodOmics. Prior to starting the 
 Global FoodOmics Project in the laboratory
 of Dr. Pieter Dorrestein, she was an NSF 
postdoctoral research fellow at Woods Hole 
Oceanographic Institution. Julia earned her
 Ph.D. as an NSF awarded graduate 
research fellow at the University of
 California, Santa Barbara. Julia has spoken at international research conferences, was a science fellow for the National Network of Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation.

Pieter Dorrestein

Chrissy Aceves
Chrissy Aceves is a senior undergraduate currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry / Chemistry at UC San Diego. She has background in psychology and computer science.

Rachel Dutton

Francesca Di Ottavio
Francesca is a PhD student at the University of Teramo and has been a visiting graduate student in the Dorrestein lab since 2017. She received her Masters in Anayltical Chemistry from the University of Rome in 2014, graduating first class with honors. She has worked previously in research related to with pesticides, and the chemical safety of foods.

Rob Knight