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Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK - 2007

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- 24/25th July 2007 – One month’s precipitation fell
- 130mm of rain had fallen in previous 5 days
- Wettest May - July since 1766
- Confluence of R. Avon and R. Severn falls in Tewkesbury
- Rapid urbanisation in Tewkesbury in preceding years, meant that less water could infiltrate and thus, more water reached the channel
- Sections of Tewkesbury built on 1 in 100 year floodplain  


- 3 people dead
- 1600 homes damaged
- Water cut off for half of Gloucestershire, people forced to get water from tanks that were delivered daily
- People displaced for months after
- Cost to water company Severn Trent Water over £18 million
- Huge disruption to infrastructure, particularly in the town centre
- Electricity cut off for 2 days, after power stations across the county were affected 


- Tewkesbury borough council now carry out annual monitoring report
- No new development plans are now passed on the floodplain
- Environment Agency produced River Severn flood management plan as a result of 2007 floods, amongst other things, drainage in the catchment was improved
- Better protection and management of business infrastructure