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You lucky person!  Thanks to our Internet-equipped technology, we'll send you photos of our tree planting projects.  Isn't great to be a parent?  You sponsored them, you gotta keep track of them -- Look at the bottom of this page and you can see photos of the forests where your first-born trees were planted --  so, watch them grow as we add photos over the years.
PRIVACY STATEMENT:  We might contact you with wonderful news in the future (photos of trees leaving nursery school, moving on to planting, reaching maturity), but your private information will never be shared with or sold to other companies.  You can trust a tree guy.  


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Why give credit card companies 5% ($1.25 out of $25) when we could plant 5 more trees?  The cost of a postage stamp and envelope keeps ... What's a little inconvenience on behalf of more trees?  


The Global CoolingTM 

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Steve McCrea's
Carbon Emissions Estimate Sheet

Find out how many trees you need to plant annually to
offset your emissions of carbon dioxide.

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How many miles do you drive each year? 
(One tree per 2000 miles)

__________________miles divided by 2000  =                                    ____ trees

How many miles do you fly each year? 
(One tree per 1300 miles)

__________________ miles by air divided by 1300 =                         ____ trees

 NOTE:  Use the City Distance Tool:  geobytes.com/CityDistanceTool.htm

How much electricity do you use each year (kilowattt-hours)?

(one tree per 1000 kwhrs)

__________________ kwhrs divided by 1000 =                                 ____ trees

OPTION:  ____________ employees** x 20 =                       
              ____  trees


                                        TOTAL number of trees ............................ _____ trees

Cost:  25 cents per tree
100 trees = $25

800 trees = $165 
(20 cents per tree)

Amount payable to:  McCrea Marketing

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S. McCrea / Global Cooling Center
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Calculations about Paper   1 tree for 8,500 sheets of paper

If you would like us to calculate an estimate for you, send the information to: GlobalCoolingCampaign@gmail.com 

Carbon Estimates


The USA emits about 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide
That's also expressed as 6000 million
The population is about 300 million people

6000 / 300 =  20 tons of carbon dioxide per person.

A tree planted in the tropics grows year round -- and certain species will grow quickly, absorbing as much as 50 pounds of CO2 per year when mature.  800 trees can absorb 20 tons of carbon dioxide annually. 

This "leaf-shadow" logo is trademarked by
McCrea Marketing and is licensed for use.

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Coming soon:  
"Plant a tree for your dog" on YouTube!

"E" Magazine March/April 2010

Click on your starting point and then on your destination.  The one-way emission amount is calculated.

Tree Planting Sites are indicated with "little tree symbols" on Google Earth:

These are planting sites in Haiti.

Project coordinators have GPS units to record the locations of photos

The following photo was taken on the ground near one of the nurseries in Rebu, Ethiopia (about 160 km WSW from Addis Ababa):

You are encouraged to go to Youtube.com/BuildingIntlBridges and use Zamzar.com 


How to download a youtube video as an mp3 audio file or as an mp4 video.



slyvisions   calm music, typed instructions, no spoken instructions



pumpidutt  (a lot of music and typing, somewhat noisy, but perfect for some 20-somethings)


See the roofs of the tree nurseries from Google Earth (near Rebu, Ethiopia):

Here's another view, showing the line of trees (left) that are in the background of the ground-level photo:

Here is a wider view (the GPS marker, the little tree icon, is in the upper center of the photo):

Are you ready to start adding to these trees?

Questions:  (954) 646 8246 
Skype:  SteveEnglishTeacher

"McCrea Marketing"

McCrea Marketing
Box 30121
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33303

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Videos about Global Cooling                       Carbon Data 

For videos, go to the channel at YOUTUBE.COM/globalcoolingcenter

COMPANIES that have registered trees through the Global Cooling Center

FACT SHEET                                   CERTIFICATE RECORDS
Global Cooling Products  << Suggestions      MEDIA PAGE
Since the beginning of the Global 
Cooling Campaign
(in 1995), we 
have asked consumers to "reduce what you can, plant trees to absorb the rest."  Learn about "Electricity From Space."   SOURCE

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Scribd.com   EZines   BuildingBridges

We encourage vendors to link "sale of products" with "tree planting."  On 9 April 2010, the first "Global Cooling Gasoline"TM was put on sale.

Gasoline Station in Florida Become First in U.S. to Sell “Global Cooling” Gasoline

Fort Lauderdale (9 April 2010) – The Exxon gas station near the Swap Shop is the first in the USA to sell “global cooling” gasoline, since a tree will be planted for every 100 gallons sold.  

For the month of April, in observation of Earth Day, carbon emissions for every gallon of gasoline sold will be absorbed at no charge to the customer.

“This is a great idea,” said the station owner.  “The gasoline I sell won’t be adding to global warming.   It’s not expensive to sponsor trees and it’s easy to do.”  The first station to post a “global cooling” sign is located on West Sunrise Blvd. near the Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale.  The station sells about 100,000 gallons of fuel per month.


This idea could be extended:  customers at any gasoline station could be asked to contribute a penny for every five gallons purchased.  Twenty cents plants one tree to offset the carbon dioxide emitted during the use of 100 gallons of gasoline.  Each tree, planted in Botolan, Philippines or Rebu, Ethiopia, will absorb a ton of carbon dioxide over about 45 years. 


More than 1000 trees were planted during April 2010 through Trees for the Future, a non-profit tree planting organization based in Silver Spring, Md.

First payment by Check #12734

100,000 gallons / 100 gallons per tree = 1000 trees.

See the video


YES YOU CAN!  You can become a "Global Cooling Business"

Track your trees from seedling to sequestration.
Millennial technology lets you see where your trees are planted and how they are growing. 
powered by TheEbookman.com                Learn more about the FOREST GARDEN

For videos, go to the channel at YOUTUBE.COM/globalcoolingcenter

COMPANIES that have registered trees through the Global Cooling Center

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NOTE:  The sticker is CLEAR, not white in the background.  You can see the sticker more easily in this photo because it has a white backing.   $25 =  100 trees, a certificate and a removable sticker.

As seen in E Magazine (March/April 2010) and other terrific places, like Marc Leach's storefront  Las Olas Chemist at 1201 East Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.   

Estimate Your Carbon Emissions

What do you get for all this?   
1)  A full color certificate suitable for framing.  

2) A removable "move around" clear sticker that clearly shows everyone that you are doing your part.  

If you have questions, call 1+ 954 646 8246.   Made in USA, globally planted.

"McCrea Marketing"

McCrea Marketing
Box 30121
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33303

Go to the Global Cooling Center   www.GlobalCoolingCenter.com

The story behind the logo
In 1996, this logo was registered with the U.S. Trademark office. 
A fee of $600 was paid to register this logo.

Write to Steve McCrea

REVERSE INTERNS (High School and Middle School Students, please read)   (Concerned Parents, too)

Planting on the hillsides reduces erosion and the threat of flooding

Fruit and vegetables are grown under the shade of the trees planted on the hillsides.   For more about the power of 800 trees (turning you into a Global Cooling Person GCP), ask for the ebook "The 4-Year Global Cooling Project."

These trees were planted in Ethiopia, part of the 4-year Global Cooling Campaign (where it takes about four years for a garden to emerge and for income to flow from the planted forest).

Here is some information that is presented by the organization that plants the trees that Steve has sponsored.

The Global Cooling™ Action Center:
Through photosynthesis, trees and other plants take in carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. By restoring tree cover to barren lands, we have a very cost-effective way to continuously remove carbon dioxide (the major "greenhouse gas") from the global atmosphere. And when we start such projects in the developing countries of the humid tropics, we can plant about five times as many trees and remove about 15 times as much carbon for the same cost.
Global CoolingTM remedies are straightforward. If you have too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, you have two choices:
  Stop putting more carbon dioxide into the air, and
  If you do put CO2 into the air, absorb it and store it.
The Global CoolingTM Action Center of Trees for the Future has a three-step action plan for reducing human impact on the atmosphere:
To encourage people around the world to use fossil fuels more efficiently,
and even more important, to switch to renewable energy sources.
To protect old-growth trees and rainforests as “warehouses for carbon”
and to harvest existing forests in a sustainable manner.
To plant trees in the tropics to offset the carbon dioxide that we produce.
In simple terms, reduce what you can, and absorb the rest by planting trees in tropical locations.
The Global Cooling™ Action Center features books and certificates that make great gifts for environmentally-minded individuals:
  Global Cooling Vehicles
  The Problem:
  The use of fossil fuels is growing fast and increasingly polluting the global atmosphere with “greenhouse gases” that threaten all of us with global warming. The most important of these gases is carbon dioxide (CO2), which our cars emit. The more gas a vehicle uses, the more CO2 it emits. The typical American car is driven 11,000 miles in a year and emits its own weight in carbon as CO2.
  The Answer:
  Through photosynthesis, trees take CO2 out of the air, replacing it with life-giving oxygen. Our program helps people plant trees on the world’s most barren, devastated lands. Each of these fast-growing, beneficial, permanent trees takes about 50 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.
  Planting trees is the most cost-effective way to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. Our international tree planting projects plant trees at an average cost of twenty-five cents ($.25) per tree.
  The Trees for Travel™ Program
  A typical jet emits a bit more than 1 pound of CO2 for every passenger-mile it flies. Over 1300 miles (2100 km), the plane emits one ton of carbon dioxide per passenger.
  A roundtrip from New York to Los Angeles (6000 miles)  creates about 5 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger.

A round trip from Rome to New York (9,000 miles) creates about 7 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger.
NOTE:  Use the City Distance Tool: 
  The most cost-effective way to meet the threat of global climate change is by restoring tree cover to the world's barren lands. Our program is helping thousands of villages to plant millions of trees.
  Each tree planted in the humid tropics absorbs 50 pounds (22 kg) of carbon dioxide every year for at least 40 years - each tree will absorb 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime!   
That's a cool statistic, but where is the data to back it up?
Here's the report:  

"McCrea Marketing"

McCrea Marketing
Box 30121
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33303

Where did they plant my trees?


For more videos, go to the channel at YOUTUBE.COM/globalcoolingcenter

COMPANIES that have registered trees through the Global Cooling Center

NEWS (March 2010) 
Oil Products Company Goes "Global Cooling"

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- Cliff Berry Inc., (CBI), an environmental services company that is a major recycler of oil products and industrial wastes, has agreed to participate in a "global cooling" experiment:  its 185 employees are going to be "global cooling" for one year. The carbon emissions associated with their daily activities and commuting to work will be absorbed by trees planted in Ethiopia.

"It's a novel idea," said regulatory affairs manager Bill Parkes. "As an environmental company serving industries on land and sea, we are always looking for ways to reduce pollution."

The trees will be planted by a non-profit organization based in Silver Spring, Md.  "We applaud CBI for being the first company in the environmental services sector to agree to participate in a carbon-offset program involving trees," remarked Dave Deppner, executive director for the tree planting organization. "We hope that other environmental company executives will follow their lead."

The program lasts for one year. CBI will be offered the opportunity to reinvest in more tree planting to continue the carbon offset in 2011.

CBI is based in Fort Lauderdale with branches in Cape Canaveral, Miami, Fort Pierce, Tampa and Jacksonville. 

For more information about carbon offsets through tree planting, contact www.GlobalCoolingCenter.com, Steve McCrea, principal (954) 646 8246

For information about Cliff Berry Inc, see the following
CBI is comprised of over 180 full time employees. Field personnel are 40-hour OSHA-certified, confined-space trained; and receive extensive training in use and maintenance of equipment associated with large-scale environmental response, site remediation work or industrial maintenance.

Cliff Berry, Inc.


Attn:  Bill Parkes, Regulatory Affairs Manager

851 Eller Drive
P.O. Box 13079
Port Everglades, FL 33316
Tel:  954-763-3390
Fax:  954-763-8375

Global Cooling Carbon Emissions analysis
20 trees x 185 employees = 3700 trees
These trees will each absorb a ton of carbon dioxide over the next 50 years.  The per capita share of carbon emissions for the USA was 19.4 tons of carbon dioxide in 2007.  Twenty trees planted each year for each employee will turn a company into a "global cooling" companyTM, and the company will be entered on the Trees for the Future website as a Global Cooling CompanyTM.
Each employee will receive a removable sticker reading "Trees were sponsored to offset the carbon emissions of this vehicle for one year. For more information, visit www.GlobalCoolingCenter.com"

The Global Cooling Center invites other companies to request a free Carbon Emissions Estimate:  (954) 646 8246

Become the first in your industry to sponsor trees and offset the carbon dioxide emitted to get your employees to work