IV. In the News

The idea of global networking in education has caught the attention of news affiliations and bloggers across the globe.  Global media attention has been the catalyst in creating learning networks.  Through news agencies, blog and internet advertising, cultural exchange programs and learning networks have been applauded in their innovative efforts to better the world around them through collaboration and education.  By publicizing the success stories of the global learning networks, the possibilities of educating future global citizens becomes more of a priority for school administrations and teachers.

Some of the current learning networks have created partnerships that would increase the amount of information and enrich the already existing learning collaborations.  The network, ePals, recently developed a partnership with the Smithsonian in order to enhance their global curriculum exchange.  The amount of resources now available to participants in the ePals learning network now have access to a greater number of projects. 

Other online resources have illustrated the benefits of global connectedness via internet pals for educational purposes.  Whether it be for scientific research or foreign language exchanges, the global education networking is opening doors.



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