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What You Can Do

Add additional ideas to this list as you see fit.
  1. Join Twitter and encourage your network to submit proposals to the conference. Add the hashtag #globaled10, so that people can follow your conversations through a Twitter search.
  2. If you are a blogger, get out the word by writing a post about the conference. Again, use the hashtag #globaled10.
  3. Send the press release to various organizations. Make sure to indicate here who you've sent this info to, so that we don't repeat efforts.
  4. Make an announcement in your own school about the conference. 
  5. Consider planning a face-to-face gathering where people in your region can gather to watch conference presentations together.
  6. Submit a conference proposal yourself on a global education topic that you are passionate about. If you're not comfortable with a formal presentation, consider holding a round table discussion.
Lucy Gray,
Aug 23, 2010, 12:29 PM