Can You Give Without Love?


One thing that will allow you to give what you have is when you’re in-love or you’re loving somebody. The BEST example of the act of giving because of love was already shown in the Bible and it says,

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting
life.” -John 3:16

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This act of giving because of love have no criminal intent. Because of love you will give for others to live. You will act as donor with something to give because you know that somebody (acceptor) needs it. And the acceptors’ duty and part to play is to believe and receive your gift.

What will be the reaction and feelings of the donor, and what will happen if the acceptor refused to believe and accept the gift you are giving?

If the part to play by these orphans and elderly were the acceptors, when they refused to believe and accept the gift that you are giving, they may die of thirst, hunger, and sorrows.

Therefore the act of refusing to give (when you have something to give ) when you know that somebody needs it for them to live is an act with criminal intent…

The ULTIMATE act that God may give because of love is to donate or give His only begotten Son for people to live an everlasting life.

We can give cash, foods, used clothes, scraps, prayers, moral supports, blood, body parts and organs, and even our own life all because we love them who need our donations and gifts for them to live a very short life here on earth…


CTMC sponsors Birdies for Charity

San Marcos, TX – Central Texas Medical Center Foundation invites you to swing big for the little ones through Birdies for Charity®, an exciting fundraising program linked to the Valero Texas Open, which is the 3rd oldest tournament on the PGA TOUR schedule.

CTMC will receive 100% of every penny raised through its Birdies for Charity® involvement. Proceeds raised from the event will be earmarked for the new Level II Neonatal Critical Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CTMC, which is slated to open late 2009. The NICU will ensure parents with pre-term, low-birth-weight and/or critically-ill infants will receive highly-specialized medical care right here in San Marcos.

Donors may make a minimum pledge of one penny per birdie. The value of the pledge is based on the number of birdies made during the Valero Texas Open. A flat contribution may be made with $20 being the requested minimum. Businesses may also contribute using the same method. Any individual or corporation that pledges $1 or more per birdie, before April 17, becomes a member of a special Birdies Club.

All donors of at least one penny for each birdie or at least $20, are also invited to attend the Birdies for Charity Golf Skills Challenge at Quail Creek Golf Course in San Marcos. The event will be held on Friday, April 17 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Enjoy food from Cancun Robs and a Callaway demonstration as you try your skill at six golf challenges for men and women, with $1,200 in prizes. To reserve your spot in the Skills Challenge please contact Jerilyn Miller, CTMC Foundation Coordinator at                (51...        or email by April 15.

To add sizzle to the program, you can guess how many birdies will be made during the Valero Texas Open. If your guess is correct, you could win a new Buick Enclave. Even if you don’t drive away in the grand prize, you could win one of more than 100 other prizes, including a pair of American Airline tickets. Hays County participants will be entered into a drawing with prizes including Rounds of golf at Quail Creek and Onion Creek Country Clubs and tickets to the Texas Open.

The CTMC Foundation is accepting Birdies for Charity pledges and donations from January 16 - May 5, 2009. Visit to pledge by credit card, echeck or invoice. Please call Jerilyn Miller, CTMC Foundation Coordinator, for more information at 512.753.3687.


Participants play basketball, raise $900 for charity Saturday

Relying on an Oreo cookie to make money may not seem like a smart investment.

But Josh Merryman, a temporary staff member for Intercollegiate Athletics, called upon the cookie, along with a dalmatian, buffalo and a lion to raise attention to a cause close to him.

Merryman recruited more than 40 organizations and 15 mascots for a mascot basketball game on Saturday to raise funds for the American Lung Association. He raised about $900 through donations from the game and raffle.

"We raised less than we did last year, but we actually had more people there," Merryman said.

During the fundraiser's first year in 2008, about $1,300 was raised, but Merryman said the economy may have affected this year's fundraising.

Merryman's wife and two children are asthmatic and after they had some serious attacks about two years ago, he wanted to do something to help his loved ones.

"He felt helpless," said Natalie Merryman, Josh's wife, who said her husband would not sit to the side while his family suffered.

"He said 'I know what I'm going to do," Natalie said.

He went to businesses, companies, and athletic organizations asking for participants for the game and donations for a raffle.

Numerous prizes were raffled off including athletic apparel like a signed NBA basketball from the Detroit Pistons, autographed figurines of Central Michigan University football players and a size 17 shoe from Chris Kaman of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Mascots varied in shape, color and size. Mascots from bears to birds, from the Arby's Oven Mitt to an Oreo cookie were all there.

Moondog, the mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers, climbed on the basketball rim, stood on it to block shots from going into the net, then fell through the hoop after a basketball was thrown at him.

Roary from the Detroit Lions tried running for a touchdown with the basketball.

"I overheard a few people talking about it," said Allen Park graduate assistant Brandon Sinnott. "It sounded like it would be pretty interesting,"

About 200 people were at the event and Sinnott said the children seemed to enjoy all the mascots.

"The children seem to love it and the parents seem to love it," Sinnot said. "It's a great environment."


Charity (practice): Etymology

The word "charity" entered the English language through the Old French word "charité" which was derived from the Latin "caritas".[1]

Originally in Latin the word caritas meant preciousness, dearness, high price. From this, in Christian theology, caritas became the standard Latin translation for the Greek word agapē, meaning an unlimited loving-kindness to all others, such as the love of God. This much wider concept is the meaning of the word charity in the Christian triplet "faith, hope and charity", as used by the King James Version of the Bible in its translation of St Paul's Letter to the Corinthians. However the English word more generally used for this concept, both before and since (and by the "King James" Bible at other passages), is the more direct love. (See the article Charity (virtue))

St Paul's agapē was not primarily about good works and giving to the poor (And though I feed the poor with all my goods, and though I give my body, that I be burned, and have not love [agapē], it profiteth me nothing - 1 Cor 13:3, Geneva translation, 1560), although in English the word "charity" has steadily acquired this as its primary meaning, wherein it was first used in Old French at least since the year 1200 A.D..

[edit] Almsgiving

Main article: Alms
A Hindu Woman Giving Alms, painting by Raja Ravi Varma

Almsgiving, the act of giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate, either directly or by means of a charitable trust or other worthy cause, is described as charity or charitable giving. The poor, particularly widows and orphans, and the sick and disabled, are generally regarded as the proper objects of almsgiving. Some groups regard almsgiving as being properly directed toward other members of their group.

Donations to causes that would benefit the unfortunate indirectly, as donations to cancer research hope to benefit cancer victims, are also charity.

The name stems from the most obvious expression of the virtue of charity is giving the objects of it the means they need to survive.

Most forms of charity are concerned with providing food, water, clothing, and shelter, and tending the ill, but other actions may be performed as charity: visiting the imprisoned or the homebound, dowries for poor women, ransoming captives, educating orphans.

Although giving to those nearly connected to oneself is sometimes called charity -- as in the saying "Charity begins at home" -- normally charity denotes giving to those not related, with filial piety and like terms for supporting one's family and friends. Indeed, treating those related to the giver as if they were strangers in need of charity has led to the figure of speech "as cold as charity" -- providing for one's relatives as if they were strangers, without affection.

Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic order dedicated to caring for the poor

The recipient of charity may offer to pray for the benefactor; indeed, in medieval Europe, it was customary to feast the poor at the funeral in return for their prayers for the deceased. Institutions may commemorate benefactors by displaying their names, up to naming buildings or even the institution itself after the benefactors. If the recipient makes material return of more than a token value, the transaction is normally not called charity.

Originally almsgiving entailed the benefactor directly giving the goods to the receiver. People who could not support themselves -- or who feigned such inability -- would become beggars.

Institutions evolved to carry out the labor of assisting the poor, and these institutions are called charities. These include orphanages, food banks, religious orders dedicated to care of the poor, hospitals, organizations that visit the homebound and imprisoned, and many others. Such institutions allow those whose talents do not lend themselves to caring for the poor to enable others to do so, both by providing money for the work and supporting them while they do the work. Institutions can also attempt to more effectively sort out the actually needy from those who fraudulently claim charity. Early Christians particularly recommended the care of the unfortunate to the charge of the local bishop.

In Sunni Islam this is called Zakat, and is one of the five pillars upon which the Muslim religion is based. Charity is also used as a forename, intended to evoke the idea that one so named is a giving person.

[edit] Research

Research in the United States suggests that religious belief is the strongest predictor of giving.[2][3][4][5][6] One study found that average charitable giving in 2000 was over three times higher by religious individuals ($2,210) than by secular individuals ($642). Giving to non-religious charities by religious individuals was $88 higher. Religious individuals are also more likely to volunteer time, donate blood, and give back money when accidentally given too much change.[4] A 2007 study by The Barna Group found that "active-faith" individuals gave on average $1,500 in 2006, while "no-faith" individuals gave on average $200. "Active-faith" adults gave twice as much to non-church-related charities as "no-faith" individuals. They were also more likely to register vote, volunteer, personally help some who is homeless, and to describe themselves as "active in the community."[7]

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[edit] References

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- Washington Post

“Web game provides rice for hungry . . . FreeRice went online in early October and has now raised 1 billion grains of rice [by November 9].”

- BBC News

“Addictive, yes. But . . . each correct answer results in the donation of rice to help feed the hungry around the globe. Perhaps that qualifies the game as a good addiction . . . one with redeeming qualities, something that’s, oh, didactic and edifying.”

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- USA Today

“The Web site offers a greater gift, the gift of awareness about world hunger.”

- NPR National Public Radio

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- Scholastic News Magazine

“‘It’s fantastic,’ says the World Food Program’s Bangladesh director. Adds a 32-year-old widow living in a refugee camp with her 8-year-old daughter, ‘I depend on the rice.’”

- People Magazine

“FreeRice is a triumph of converting passivity into engagement.”

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  • The lawyer claimed that the chairman of a nonprofit organization that manages the team?s charity had mismanaged the money.
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  • Charity group Apex is calling on you to give them your undies.
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  • Registration is under way for the charity golf tournament to benefit the Missouri State University Hospitality Restaurant Administration, a news release from the university said.
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  • SILVER CITY — Everything from a pair of NU-Ear Rhapsody 1200 hearing aids to three collectible porcelain dolls to a newborn Nigerian dwarf goat are among the unusual items donated to date to the Silver City Rotary Club's third bi-annual charity auction.
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  • The Rowlett Women’s Club is hosting the Blazing Balls charity golf tournament on March 30 at Buffalo Creek Golf Course. Funds raised will help provide educational scholarships to women in need.
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  • The Rowlett Women’s Club is hosting the Blazing Balls charity golf tournament on Monday at Buffalo Creek Golf Course. Funds raised will help provide educational scholarships to women in need.
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  • Is there anything that belongs together more than kids, fresh air and sunshine? One of the best signs of spring is the sound of kids playing outdoors - here at FHC, it's great to see the kids get outside a bit more again with the sunshine and mild temperatures we've enjoyed in recent weeks.
    Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune - Mar 30 1:44 PM
  • Rockers U2 are planning to donate almost £8.3 million of the profits from their upcoming world tour to charity. The One hitmakers are embarking on a mammoth trek, which kicks off in Barcelona, Spain on 30 June (09), before heading to the U.S. in September (09).
    Tiscali - Mar 31 5:08 AM
  • KFBB News Channel 5 was recently chosen by the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and ABC to give away $10,000 to someone in Great Falls. The station was asked to find a local person facing hardships that still finds time to give back to the community.
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  • AUSTIN, Texas----Gaming technology developer and distributor Multimedia Games, Inc. reported today that the State of Alabama has been ordered to return all of the charity bingo equipment it seized on March 19, 2009.
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  • Madonna and her three children toured a day care center built by her charity Monday as critics slammed the star’s attempt to adopt a second child from this poor African nation and a judge delayed a ruling in the case until Friday.
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    Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson will headline the tournament, which benefits charities supported by the late Jack Stephens. Palmer will participate in a ...
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    Miami Dolphins' Chad Pennington speaks about charity, Chad Henne - ‎Apr 2, 2009‎
    On a more serious note, the NFL awarded Pennington's 1st-and-10 Foundation with a $50000 grant as a result of the charity's success in recent years. ...

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