L. Entertainer for Armageddon

I am an entertainer in my own special ways. Maybe, this has also encouraged me to learn music, dancing and get involved with activities related to the entertainment field.

In school, I used to entertain the other students with jokes and stories related to our studies etc. When friends complain that they have problems remembering something that was going to come for the exams etc, I would immediately incorporate the relevant facts into an entertaining joke / story / drama (which I just create on the spot) so that they would be able to remember the relevant facts. Friends would sometimes come and thank me when they had answered a question (in a exam) because they had remembered the facts through the story/joke/drama which I had created. I noticed that when I tell these jokes/stories (with actions), many students would gather around us to just watch what I and the others, flowing along with me, were doing. Friends began to turn this itself into a joke and the on-lookers would take one step back; and later began to watch while walking past us. All these seem to suggest that I may have been blessed with a natural ability to entertain because of the role which I will have to play at the end. Or my ability to entertain had improved through all these things which I was doing during my school days.
When I was a little girl, my sister wanted to send me for Indian dancing classes. But I was afraid to be left alone in the dancing school and so I refused to go. In 1970, my sister arranged for a violin teacher to come to my house to teach me and other family members to play the violin. So, I began learning music since I was about 10 years old. About 4 months later, I also began going for piano classes with my friends. Since then, I had learnt to play many musical instruments including the organ, drum set, guitar, recorder and others. I would say that learning these musical instruments and the Theory of Music has helped to turn me into a better entertainer.

In 1979 and 1980, I was trained to become a music teacher by the Specialist Teachers' Training College (MPIK), in KL, Malaysia. Here, I was trained to teach music in a creative way, compose songs through using music notation and train students to perform. I was also trained and sent for performances before huge audiences.

Then, in 1981, I was sent to a remote area in Malaysia as a government trained music teacher to teach in a government school in Jengka Satu, Pahang, Malaysia. I was told that other schools in the region had rejected me because they did not want a music teacher as the settlers may not be able to accept it. The school headmaster, who accepted me as a music teacher, told me that I was accepted on a trial-basis, so as to see if the settlers can accept me. But I was a good entertainer; and so the settlers (and the school teachers) enjoyed what I was doing. So they would help me to put up the stages for concerts and they would even help me to train my students for competitions and performances. And they would even accompany me to various towns so as to help me present the item from my school. The team which we had trained would win and had even gone up to national level in the competitions. Often, the item which we present would be the only one which gets a standing applause.

While I played the piano or keyboard, a Jengka Satu settler (who could play the guitar) and a teacher in the Jengka Satu school, who could play the drum set, would also join the band which accompanied the singers (soloists and part-singing group). Thus, the band and singers would sound so professional-like. The Malay dance teacher in the school, who was very good at dancing, would add dance movements to the group. He also had friends who were 'national dancers' in Malaysia. They would also come and help in whatever way they could. The guitarist settler, drummer and myself (on the keyboard) have also played in the national Combo RTM professional band while they played for my part-singing group (for a competition). The Combo RTM band members were impressed with the way I used the Theory of Music for writing the music score for the band and with the way I played the keyboard according to the music notation etc.

As my music work was gaining notice, the schools which had rejected me initially and many of the other schools in the region (and in other regions) began to request the officers, in the Ministry of Education, to send me to their schools to teach music. The officers in the Ministry of Education in Malaysia had asked me if I was willing to accept a promotion into the Ministry of Education so that I can train the music teachers in Pahang. It must have been in writing because the officer in KL (which was in control of such matters) was telling me that the officer in Kuantan was putting forward this suggestion of promoting me so that I can train the other music teachers in Pahang. I rejected it because I wanted my transfer back home to K.L. Later, even the officer in Kuantan was telling me that I can still get promotions if I wanted it. He told me that he can't give me any transfer out yet for the 5 years of my contract because all those schools who were requesting for me would question him as to why he transfered me out when they were requesting for me. I think all the requests and other notes for the basis for the promotion must be there in the Ministry of Education files in Malaysia.

I was a music teacher in the government primary school in Jengka Satu, Pahang, Malaysia from the beginning of 1981 to the end of 1985. Then, I was a music teacher in the primary school in Peel Road, K.L. from 1986 to 1990. I had also organized a band and choir singing (with harmony parts) in the Peel Road school. I could play the piano, violin, organ, drum set, guitar, percussion instruments, etc. This had helped me to train my students for band-work. All the experiences as a music teacher has helped to turn me into a better entertainer.

Once, in Temerloh (Pahang), I met the girl who was a close friend of mine in the Specialist Teachers Training College (who was a holder of a Diploma in Music and who felt that she should have got my place in the first batch). For more on this see:

K. How I Became a Teacher in 1981

This girl had become a music teacher in Temerloh and so we met during one of the competitions which was being held in Temerloh. She was telling me about the team which I was presenting, without realising that it was my team. She was talking very highly of my team while saying that it would surely win based on what was being said through rumours, opinions of the organisers of the competition, etc. I was just listening to what she was saying, without informing her that it was my team, because I wanted to make an assessment of the the situation through what I was being told. It was after saying all this, that she asked me which team I was presenting for the competition and I had informed her. What was being said does give a good view of my musical, entertaining and creative abilities. But then, the success was only achieved through teamwork and I was working with very creative and talented people. So, I learnt a lot through the others too, just as they would have learnt a lot through what I was doing and saying. From then on, I had always wanted to keep the company of creative and talented people because of all that we can learn together, through experiences. Mixing with such people had turned me into a better entertainer.

I have also learned a lot through my other teaching experiences and in the Specialist Teachers Training College. Until this day, whenever I re-collect as to what were the best things that had happened to me, they would be:

1. God and my experiences upon receiving the spiritual knowledge in the Brahma Kumaris

2. the Specialist Teachers' Training course, including all my experiences there

3. the experiences as a music teacher and entertainer

4. collecting so many certificates

5. having been born in my corporeal family and having given birth to my son.

6. studying law and my legal practice.

Learning to dance was also one of the best things that has happened in my life. It feels very good to be able to move to music (both of which become a part of me when I dance).

I have begun learning various dances from the beginning of 2007. I was told that I could dance well, even before this (maybe because I had a gift to entertain and because of my music education).

Now, I am a dancer and my music education is helping me to dance well to the tune.

Learning to play the organ and drum set has given me the initial training to move my legs and hands in different ways (at the same time). This has helped me to co-ordinate my leg and hand movements when I began to learn dancing. I was not starting from scratch. Music education has also helped me to identify rhythms and phrases in the music; and this is helping me to create dance choreographies. The ability to identify rhythms and phrases is also helping me to dance well to the music. Since I can accurately count the beats in the music, I can move accurately to the beats in the music. Since I am able to identify the beats, I can also create a dance accordingly. In these and many other ways, my music education is helping me in my dancing.

Further, I have a subtle Snake Dancer role which was meant for dancing; and I also have a subtle Cat's role which can also be used for dancing. Using these subtle roles is helping me to dance better.

More on my role as the cat (for the end) will be discussed in my articles on world rule and Sekhmet.

I am already 51 years old (as at 3-5-2011). Thus, it makes me very uncomfortable to think of myself as a dancer entertaining others because I am already old and my corporeal body is not so flexible anymore. Maybe, even arthritis is beginning to set in. Despite this, I am still told that I can dance well.

When I was in the Specialist Teachers' Training College, I had been told that I could sing and dance well. In fact, I had been told this even before then and even after that, until this day. But I knew that I have a problem with having long breath control because of the asthma problem which I have. However, since I have a music education, I used it to pick songs which I would be able to sing well so that it is not so noticeable that I am not able to hold my breath for so long. So often, people were not aware that I had this weakness of short breath. Similarly, I would say that my music education has also helped to turn me into a good dancer.

When I started dancing in 2007, I got to know through visions that when I am used as a dancer on the world stage, God will help to make sure that I dance well. So it does not really matter if the corporeal body has become old.

According to visions which I have seen, I will be entertaining people through my dancing, around the end.

2012 provides for an end (of the cycle). After 2012, it is the time for the transformation process; but it is not really 'the end' as yet. It will take some time for people to see the new world in the existing form. Though the Confluence Age began in 1936, when the founder of the Brahma Kumaris was used by God, the actual transformation through the Confluence Age (between the Iron Age and the Golden Age) will begin from after 2012. There may have been a lot of destructive events taking place before 2012. But they were just an indication of the end coming near. From 2012, the destructive events will gradually be replacing the old world with the new corporeal world. But this new corporeal world will only be seen in existence at a later date.
According to God's messages to the Brahma Kumaris, there will be entertainment through visions (at the end). I am one of God's instruments for entertainment through visions (for the end). Others will also be involved; so as to play this role for entertainment through visions. This role for entertainment through visions is also for Armageddon. This would mean that I have been prepared for Armageddon since I was quite young because my development for seeing visions began from the time when I was very young. When I came into the Brahma Kumaris, it got transformed into a divine power for Armageddon; and it got developed further because of my link to God and the Confluence Aged gathering there.



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