Lawson Family History Book

Thomas and Mary Ann (Morgan) Lawson of Tennessee,

Iowa and Missouri and Their Descendants

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By Gary G. Lloyd; 2007; 8.5 inches X 11 inches; 320 pp, hard bound, every-name index; Order from the author: Gary G. Lloyd, 7 Center Rd., Kirksville, MO 63501; $37 including postage and handling.

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The book contains biographies for Thomas Lawson (b. 1793-1874) and his wife, Mary Ann Morgan (b. 1796-1879), and their descendants down to the 5th generation (their great great grandchildren). In addition it shows the names of those in the 6th generation (my generation). The names and dates of Thomas’ 14 children and 114 grandchildren down are shown below. In 1850, Thomas and Mary Ann Lawson and most of their children moved from Claiborne County, Tennessee to Davis County, Iowa. In a few years, several of them moved on to Putnam County, Missouri where they filed patents for unsettled lands. Many of the descendants of these families still live in the general area of Putnam and Adair counties, Missouri and the adjacent counties.

Thomas and Mary Ann Morgan married in Claiborne County, Tennessee and lived there until 1850. Their older children were also married there. Thomas was the son of Drury Lawson (also spelled Drewry Lawson in his later years) and Hannah Potts.

This 320- page book contains: (1) 185 pages of biographies: (2) Family group sheets (FGSs) for Thomas and Mary and for each of their 14 children; (3) 31 pages of photographs (112 of them); (4) Discussion of the evidence showing that Thomas is the son of Drury and Hannah (Potts) Lawson; (5) Biography of Drury Lawson; (6) An in-depth discussion of the evidence on which the biography of Drury Lawson is based; (7) Drury's will and Revolutionary War pension application, William Hooker's Rev. War pension application, and Mary Lawson's will of 1749;  (8) Narrative entitled The Lawsons of Halifax County, Virginia (Searching for the Ancestors of Drury); (9) Maps showing the location of areas of interest in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa and Missouri; and (10) 106 references to the sources on which the narratives are based. See comments and reviews below.

Lawson Descendants to the Third Generation

The Lawson book contains biographical information down through Thomas Lawson and Mary Ann (Morgan) Lawson's gg grandchildren (the 5th generation). Also the book shows his ggg grandchildren (the 6th generation).


The 14 children and 114 grandchildren of Thomas Lawson (1761 - ca 1850) and his wife, Mary Ann (Morgan) Lawson (1775 - 1856):


I. William Lawson (1818-1894) Spouse: William had children by three wives: 1st Rebecca Chance, 2nd Marintha “Martha” Jones and 3rd Rebecca F. Bland

Children: 1-James Lawson (1840-1923), 2-Wiley Lawson (1842-ukn), 3-Greenbary Lawson (1843-1922), 4-Henry Lawson (1855-1920), 5-Angeline (Lawson) Houghton (1857-1941), 6-Jackson Lawson (1859-after 1910), 7-Calvin Lawson (1862-1862), 8-William M. Lawson (1863- after 1893), 9-Ruben G.B. Lawson (ca 1865-1943), 10-Mary S. (Lawson) Dole (1867-1964), 11-Lissey Lawson (1869-1869), 12-Drury M. Lawson (1871-1952), 13-Sterling Lawson (1873-1873), 14-Minnie F. (Lawson) Miller (ca 1874-1893), 15-Albert Lawson (1876-1876), 16-Cassie (Lawson) Mead (1879-unk), 17-Nathan A. Lawson (1880-1936), 18-Adeline (Lawson) Cullum (1883- after 1893).

II. Rhoda (Lawson) Mills (1820-1906) Spouse: William Mills

Children: 1-Mary Ann (Mills) (Van Cain) Lake (1840-1891), 2-Stokelyn Mills (1842-1860), 3-Martha Ann (Mills) McMains, (1843-1924) 4-Sterling K. Mills (1845-1923), 5-Adaline (Mills) Hale (1847-1917), 6-Britton Mills (1849-after 1850), 7-Syrilda Jane (Mills) (Duckworth) Pherigo (1851-1939), 8-William Elbert “Albert” Mills (1853-1937), 9-Perry Commodore “P.C.” Mills (1856-1939), 10-Thomas Mills (1858-1858), 11-Infant Mills (unk-unk).

III. David H. Lawson (1822-1902) Spouse: Lucinda S. Hill

Children: 1-Mary Jane (Lawson) (Haynes) Leonard (1847-1923), 2-Harriett (Lawson) Virden (1850-ater 1910), 3-Rachel (Lawson) Leonard (1853-1899), 4-Rosa Amanda (Lawson) Bish (1861-unk), 5-Fidelia E. “Dealy” (Lawson) Leonard (1865-1946), 6-George Lawson (1869-1869).

IV  Greenberry Lawson (1824-1906) Spouse: Lavina Jane Carter

Children: 1-Thomas Lawson (1844-1917), 2-Surena (Lawson) Weese (1846-1932), 3-Nancy Jane (Lawson) Walters (1849-xx1934), 4-Sarah Ann (Lawson) Walters (1851-1916), 5-Matilda E. (Lawson) Young (1853-1935), 6-Mary Catherine (Lawson) (Hunter) Sneed (1855-1937), 7-Melvina (Lawson) Cox (1859-1907), 8-Samuel A. Lawson (1864-1940), 9-John H. Lawson (1866-1959)

V  Nathaniel “Nathan” Lawson (1826-1873) Spouse: Rachel Hill

Children: 1-Greenberry W. “G.W.” Lawson (1852-after 1910), 2-Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Lawson (1853-1938), 3-Riley G. Lawson (1858-1947), 4-Lucinda F. “Lucy” (Lawson) Hamm (1859-1947), 5-Rhoda Ann (Lawson) Lawson (1862-after 1900), 6-Sarah I. (Lawson) Lawson (1864-unk), 7-Nathaniel Edward Lawson (1866-after 1900), 8-Mary A. (Lawson) Dively (1867-before 1920), 9-John W. Lawson (1870-before 1910), 10-William Henry Lawson (1872-1935).

VI Thomas Lawson, Jr. (1828-1897) Spouse: Margaret E. Walker

Children: 1-Florence Lawson (1835-ukn), 2-Lucy Lawson (1855-unk), 3-Louisa (Lawson) Buster (1857-1925), 4-Isaac Newton “Newt” Lawson (1858-1938), 5-Alfred Lawson (1860-1933), 6-Sylvester Lawson (1862-1940), 7-William G. “Will” Lawson (1866-1945), 8-Francis “Frank” Lawson (1869-1949), 9-Richard D. Lawson (1871-1957), 10-Minnie A. Lawson (1873-before 1897), 11-Viola Lawson (1876-before 1880), 12-Sterling L. Lawson (1878-1959).


VII  Sarah (Lawson) Mills (1830-<1858) Spouse: Thomas Mills

Children: 1-Nancy Elizabeth (Mills) (Wilkie) Eastman (1848-ukn), 2-James Burl Mills (1850-1933).

VIII   Henry Harrison Lawson (1832-1917) Spouse: Permelia A. Carter

Children: 1-John P. Lawson (1854-1916), 2-Aaron L. Lawson (1857-1932), 3-Nancy Louisa (Lawson) Jeffries (1859-1917), 4-Martha Jane (Lawson) Atkins (1864-1953), 5-Mary Catherine (Lawson) Lawson (1866-1946).

IX  Adam Yeary Lawson (1834-1913) Spouse: C. Malissa Jones

Children: 1-Joseph B. “Joel” Lawson (1855-1897), 2-Levi H. Lawson (1856-1879), 3-Ephraim Elbert Lawson (1859-1933), 4-Isaac Newton “Newt” Lawson (1861-1933), 5-John (unk-unk), 6-Marintha E. Lawson (1864-1864), 7-Thomas W. S. Lawson (1865-1936), 8-James C. Lawson (1870-1945), 9-Henry H. Lawson (1873-1963).

X  Alexander T. Lawson (ca 1837-1920) Spouse: Cynthia A. Brown

Children: 1-David E. Lawson (1872-1952), 2-Margaret E. Lawson (1887-unk), 3-Rhoda E. (Lawson) Baughman (1889-before 1910), 4-Henry H. Lawson (1890-after 1920), 5-Mary Allie Lawson (1895-unk), 6-Nathan Lawson (1879-unk).

XI      Mary Ann (Lawson) (Ledford) Sumpter (1838- after 1880) Spouses:1st Jubilee Ledford and 2nd John Sumpter, Sr.

Children (names of spouses are unknown): 1-James I.L. Ledford (1854-unk), 2-Missouri E. (Sumpter) (1856-unk), 3-Naomi “Oma” (1858-unk), 4-Litha Sumpter (1860-unk), 5-Rachel Sumpter (1862-unk), 6-Rosella Sumpter (1865-unk), 7-Henry I. Sumpter (1867-unk), 8-Joel C. Sumpter (1868-unk), 9-Amanda A. Sumpter (1870-unk), 10-Mary E. Sumpter (1873-unk), 11-Arminda P. Sumpter (1876-unk), 12-William A. Sumpter (1879-unk).

XII    Sterling Lawson (1839-1864) Spouse: 1st Sarah Connally and 2nd Elizabeth Panter

Children: 1-Isabell N. (Lawson) Piercefield (1861-unk), 2-Lucinda Lawson (1864-1864).

XIII   Elizabeth (Lawson) Sumpter (1840-1910) Spouse: James E. Sumpter

Children: 1-Sirilda F. (Sumpter) Reed (1857-unk), 2-George W. Sumpter (1859-1932), 3-Bertha J. (Sumpter) Hand (1861-1948), 4-James A. Sumpter (1868-1942), 5-Arley J. Sumpter (1875-1927), 6-John O. Sumpter (1879-1964).

XIV   Susannah (Lawson) Cooley (1842-1920) Spouse: Benjamin F. Cooley

Children: 1-Thomas J. Cooley (1860-1938), 2-William “Bloss” Cooley (1861-1950), 3-Mary J. (Cooley) Hendrix (1863-after 1900), 4-L.E. “Lizzie” (Cooley) Roberts (1865-1921), 5-Timothy H. Cooley (1867-1951), 6. Amanda E. Cooley (1869-1873).

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Comments and Reviews:

* On November 2007,  Marilyn Lawson Goodwin of Edina, Missouri wrote:

     “I received the Lawson book yesterday and spent the evening engrossed in it. You have done an excellent job in researching and putting this all together. I was really surprised at how well the pictures turned out as many of them were just Xerox. (Note: three of the four photos that appear in the book provided by Marilyn were from Xerox copies. There are 112 total photographs in the photograph chapter.)

     The print is large enough to read easily and the binding is more than I expected, indexing very helpful, and the Drury research as complete as possible.  All in all, it is a fine piece of work on your part!!!! " 

* On December 11, 2007, Ellen Hollin of Salem, Oregon wrote:

    "Received your Lawson Book and found an excellent documentation of our ancestors. I can appreciate the time and dedication this required just knowing what it takes from what I have done researching and trying to put it into some kind of book. Thanks for doing this and I will teasure it. Again, you do an awesome job. Ellen"

* In Ansearchin' News, Spring 2008 issue, Vol. 55, No. 1, pg 49, a review of this Lawson book appeared that stated in part "This family genealogy and history is a fine example of how to research, organize and footnote your research." Ansearchin' News is the publication of The Tennessee Genealogical Society.

Gary G. Lloyd

7 Center Rd.

Kirksville, MO 63501

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