Index for the Family Group Sheet Collection at the:

Novinger Coal Miners Museum
Novinger, Missouri 63501

Indexed by Claire R. Lloyd 


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The links below are to a collection of 3,884 Family Group Sheets (FGS) in the Coal Miners Museum in Novinger, Missouri.  The index is in two parts, 3,884-males alphabetized by the male surnames and 2,640 females alphabetized by their surname prior to marriage.  This was last updated on 27 August 2006.

A description of the collection and instructions for obtaining hard copies is shown at the bottom (or just double click on one of the links below the index):

Alphabetized by Husband's Surname:     A-Z

Alphabetized by Wife's Surname:              A-Z

This is intended to provide a service to genealogists as well serve as a fund raiser for the Novinger Coal Miners Museum, a non-profit organization.

Copies of Family Group Sheets (FGSs) may be obtained by mail for $5 each plus a self-addressed, stamped legal size envelope (SASE). Make your check payable to Novinger Planned Progress and send it, the SASE and the requested FGS(s) to:

Claire R. Lloyd,
7 Center Rd.
Kirksville, MO 63501

Please note that many of these FGSs contain only information that could be gleaned from federal census records or other sources where little information is given. Therefore, please advise in your request, which of the below options you have chosen.

Option 1:  Include the requested FGS(s) even if (it/they) contain only information from census records.

Option 2:  Exclude FGSs that contain only information from census records or from other sources with very limited information and return my uncashed check.

Another option is to wait until your next visit to the Novinger area, review the FGSs in the Coal Miners Museum and pay just 25 cents per copy for as many as you want. You might want to come over the Coal Miner Days celebration held on Sunday and Monday of every Memorial Day weekend or the Labor Day celebration held every year during Sunday and Monday of that weekend.

Please note that these FGSs are physically located about 8 miles away. I plan to travel there about once per week to respond to those requests that include payment in advance. Therefore, a reply to your request could take up to 10 days or so.
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