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The Adair County, Missouri Cemeteries

Gravestone Inscriptions

Formatted by Gary G. and Claire R. Lloyd

This 26,568-name index with birth dates, death dates and cemetery of burial includes data from four sources: (1) Adair County Cemeteries, published in 1980 by the Adair County Historical Society, which had been typed by volunteers for posting on the web and later provided to Gary G. and Claire R. Lloyd by Claudia Minor; (2) updated data for Novinger Cemetery inscriptions provided by Ralph and Barbara Hover in ca 2003; (3) data from Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery Records and Index, printed by the City of Kirksville, Missouri in 1983 typed by Claire R. Lloyd with updated data provided by Vickie Brumbaugh, city clerk, Kirksville, MO in 2004; (4)  3,397 Updated records from the Parkview Memorial Gardens, Highland Park and Maple Hills Cemeteries were transcibed by Gary Maize in September 2010 and November 2012 for posting on this web site; and (5) 60 updated records for the Fort Madison Cemetery received from Larry Evans were added in November 2010. 

The sources mentioned above, in some cases, provide additional information on the deceased, such as location of the grave, marital status, names of spouses and/or relatives, veteran status and other comments. You may see additional information in data for the individual cemeteries on and/or view the above mentioned 1980 book in the Adair County Library Library or the Adair County Historical Society Library.


Adair County Cemetery Index and Inscriptions


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