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The Young Families of Adair and Putnam County, Missouri, 1986

By: Gary G. Lloyd

The 208-page, plastic ring bound book was published by the author in December 1986. It concerns George W. and Eliza (Trewhitt) Young, Sr. and their descendants and George’s Young ancestors. George shares that ancestry with Polly Mary (Young) Lewis, wife of Jacob Lewis. George and Polly Mary’s father, Michael Young and his family, came to Putnam County in 1840 as did Jacob Young and his family. Hundreds of descendants of siblings George or Polly Mary can trace their ancestry to Putnam County, and Kentucky before that.

This book consists of biographical narratives, letters, genealogical data, family group sheets, photographs, and maps. It contains an all-name index. The book shows the relationship of these Young and Lewis families to President Harry S. Truman through his grandfather, Solomon Young.

The book, as a 211MB PDF file, may be downloaded free. The book, as a 211 MB PDF file, may be downloaded free if you have a Dropbox account. If you don't have one, you can install and use it free of charge. After you have a dropbox account, copy the website address below, paste it in the address box of your browser and hit return. Your computer will ask for your Dropbox password. Yours will be different, but on my computer, I get a message that the file is too big to preview. However, if I go to a link at the upper right of the page (three dots), it gives several options, one of which is to download the file. When I click that link it asks if I want to open it as a pdf file or download it to my computer. When I click download as a pdf file, it takes about 30 seconds or so and then appears on my screen as an opened pdf file. The file can then be viewed, printed and/or saved.


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