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Some Early Lloyd (Loyd) Families of New Jersey, 

Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky (Second Volume)

"The Lloyd Book, Volume 2"

(Out of Print in Hard Copy - Available free in PDF Form)

By Gary G. Lloyd, 1997

This 166-page soft cover book published in 1997 by Gary G. Lloyd concerns the ancestors, siblings and cousins of Jacob B. Lloyd (Loyd) as described for the book above. It contains biographical information for 915 descendants of Thomas Loyd who migrated from New Jersey to Washington Co., Virginia by 1783 and on to Greene Co., Tennessee by 1793.  Some of his children include Nicholas Loyd (Wayne Co., Kentucky), Eleanor “Nelly” Back (Wayne Co., Kentucky), Frethias Loyd (Livingston Co., Kentucky) and John Loyd (Garrard Co., Kentucky).  This book also contains genealogical data from NJ (before 1800), Washington Co., Virginia (before 1800), Greene Co., Tennessee (before 1810) and Kentucky (before 1850) concerning these early Lloyd (Loyd) families along with narratives of data interpretation.

The book, as a 40 MB PDF file, may be downloaded free if you have a Dropbox account. If you don't have one, you can install and use it free of charge. After you have a dropbox account, copy the website address below, paste it in the address box of your browser and hit return. Your computer will ask for your Dropbox password. Yours will be different, but on my computer, I get a message that zip files cannot be previewed. However, if I go to a link at the upper right of the page (three dots), it gives several options, one of which is to download the file. When I clicked that link, after several seconds it downloaded into the "download" folder on my computer. The file can then be viewed, moved, opened, and/or printed.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Gary Lloyd <gglx@mac.com> or 660-627-2140

To use the above email address, replace the “x” with the number “1” (one)

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