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Lewis Books, Volume 1 & 2

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The Lewis Families of Putnam County, Missouri -  Volume 2

       Lewis Ancestors, Research Data, Maps and Obituaries  --------------

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This book, published in June 1989, contains research data for the Lewis family from 18th century Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties, NC, and traces their descendants movements to Lincoln Co, NC (ca 1804), Washington Co, KY (ca 1816), Ralls Co, MO (ca 1833) and Monroe Co, MO (ca 1836) and then on to Putnam Co, MO plus census records, tax records and marriage records from 19th century KY and MO.  A few copies of old documents are included.  This book contains: nine pages of maps; 68 obituaries of Lewis descendants or their spouses; nine newspaper clippings; four old letters, two of which were written by George Lewis  in which he tells what he knew about the Lewis and Young family histories; plus additional Lewis descendants and addresses received too late to be included in Volume I (now out of print).  This 166-page book has over 7,000 entries in the index.

The Lewis Families of Putnam County, Missouri - Volume I  - The Descendants of Jacob and Polly Mary (Young) Lewis ---------- Out of Print

This book was published in July 1988.  It shows over 2,100 descendants of Jacob and Polly Mary (Young) Lewis.  It also contains 120 high quality photographs of family members, mostly of previous generations, clippings, family group sheets and some obituaries.  This book traces the Lewis ancestors to pre Revolutionary War Mecklenburg, NC.  This 240 page plastic ring bound book contains over 9,100 entries in the index.