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The Bibee Family

By: Gary G. Lloyd

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This 325-page, wrap around soft cover book, published in 1991, shows 1,124 descendants of William Bibee, a veteran of the War of 1812. It includes other Bibee Family descendants including surnames of spouses of major Bibee branches: Evans, Buckner, Green, Sharp and Turner.  William was born in Virginia ca 1785 and died in Cocke County, Tennessee ca 1845. The author’s Bibee family lived in Cocke Co, TN from ca 1815 to 1883 when they moved to Adair Co, MO. The book contains 155 high quality photographs of family members, family group sheets, genealogical research data and documents and their interpretation, old letters, maps, biographies, and an appendix. This book includes 17 pages of genealogical data and references showing a presence of Bibee families in America dating back to 1620 Tidewater Virginia. This book contains over 9,100 entries in the all given name/ surname index and a table of contents.

The book, as a 202 MB PDF file, may be downloaded free if you have a Dropbox account. If you don't have a Dropbox account, you can install and use it free of charge. When you have a dropbox account, Copy this website address below, paste it in the address box of your browser and hit return. You computer will ask for your Dropbox password. On my computer, I get a message that the file is too big to preview. However, if I go a link at the upper right of the page (three dots), if gives several options, one of which is to download the file. When I click that link it ask if I want to open it as a pdf file or download it to my computer. When I click download as a pdf file, it takes about 30 seconds or so and then appears on my screen as an opened pdf file. The file can be viewed, printed and/or saved to my computer.


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