Genealogy Indexes and Databases Related to Adair, 

Putnam and Northeast Sullivan County, Missouri

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Genealogy and Local History Books, Indexes and Databases 

Indexes and Databases and Articles for Adair, Putnam & Sullivan Co., Missouri:    

 Adair Co. - The Adair Historian Articles (Last updated to January 2019)  -------------   See the titles

 Adair Co. - Articles in The Chariton Collector (1981-1989) -----------------------------   See the list

 Adair Co. - Obits and Death Notices (37,257-name index Thru 2012) ---------------   See the index    

 Adair Co. - Obit Index (Evans) 1/75 thru 2/78 (no copy in ACHS Library) ----------- See the index

 Adair Co. - Gravestone Inscriptions (26,371-names - 3,257 added since 9/10) ---- See the index
 Adair Co. - Family Group Sheets (3,884 sheets)   ------------------------------------------   See the index
 Civil War Veterans Reunion in 1889 (739 names & more) --------------------------------  See the list 
 Kent Funeral Home Records (6,314-record database Thru 2009) ----------------------  See the data    
 Putnam Co. - Gravestone Inscriptions (24,154-name index) -----------------------------  See the index

Novinger (Adair County), Missouri Area History Book and Local Adair County History Articles:

Novinger Centennial Book - 1979 (10,759-name index) -------------------------------  See the Description 

Novinger Centennial Book - 2001  --- Reprinted in May 2011 ----------------------  See purchasing info

Local Adair County History Articles by Gary G. Lloyd --------------------------------  See articles

The 1880 diary of Henry Shibley during his visit to Adair County ------------------   See the diary

Family History Books Still Available in Print:
  Lawson Book (Desc. of Thomas Lawson)   -------------------------------   See the Description, Index

  Lloyd Book #1 (1,443 descendents of Jacob Lloyd) ----------------   See the Description and Index
  Turnmire Book - (8,694-person index) ---------------------------------   See the Description and index

Family History Books Out of Print for at Least Five Years and Now Available Free Online

  Bibee Book  -------------------------------------------------------------------    Available Free in PDF Form

  Lewis Books, Volumes 1 and 2   -----------------------------------------    Available Free in PDF Form

  Lloyd Book Volume 2 (Ancestors of Jacob Lloyd)  -------------------   Available Free in PDF Form

  Young Book - (Young Families of Putnam County, Missouri) ------   Available Free in PDF Form

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