The rooms have changed significantly from last posting. Meeting times have not.

A copy of this schedule will be provided in your character's folder if you pre-reg for the event.
All clan or private meetings are considered "secret" meetings, thus are not advertised ICly, except to those invited.

Events marked with a ^ are OOC events.

Events marked with a ! take place off Elysium and/or in a different location.

Events marked with a * are by IC invitation only. If you weren’t invited ICly, you can’t be there.

Contact the Event STs (eventsts[at]googlegroups[dot]com) and the Event Admin ggeventadmin[at]googlegroups[dot]com) if you want to reserve a room for a meeting or event.


We have expanded the event space this year. New maps, and the schedule, are forthcoming. Please be patient.