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Sheets & Sign-In

Character Sheets
ALL Character Sheets should be submitted to:

As the sheet deadline has passed, STs cannot guarantee that any sheets received after February 28th will be processed prior to the event. Be prepared with a backup sheet, and be ready to wait in line at sign-in.

We have created a Puppet Prince chronicle for those who only use puppet prince. Please search for 'Glitter & Gloom' and submit your sheets there by the deadline.
Sheets must be received by 11:59 p.m., eastern time, on Friday, February 21, 2019.
Grapevine Users: Please send sheets in gex format. 
Should your sheets have any abilities/powers/paths/etc. that are either custom or do not have a printed MET mechanic, please include a write up of the power in the notes section of your sheet.  We can't guarantee everything will be accepted, but we'll try to be fair about it. 

Note: Now that there is a Custom Content Database for Vampires, if your custom <whatever: combo/ritual/path/merit/etc.> is not in the Database, it will not be allowed, period. The normal rules above apply as long as your item is in the database.

 Multiple PCs 

Because there have been many questions regarding the play of multiple characters, we have included the House Rule regarding that here to make it easier to find.

Multiple Characters:  Players will be allowed to portray multiple characters throughout the weekend.  In order to change characters, the new character must have been signed off on by the ST team (preferably by having the sheet sent in ahead of time) and you must seek the consent of an ST to swap.  A character that is not currently being portrayed is still signed into the event and may still be affected by consequences if others take actions toward the character.  If you are only swapping characters out simply to attend a Clan meeting, then no ST permission is required. If your character is deemed "unplayable" (removed from play through plot, death, etc), please notify an ST of the change. 


In order for sign-in to (hopefully!) run smoothly, there will be several different lines.
1. If you had your sheet sent in advance, you will have the shortest wait. Whether you paid in advance or pay at the door, if you sent your sheet ahead, you will be in this line. LA and Tessa (Admins) will be handling this line. You'll give your name, money (if necessary) and be handed a packet that contains everything you need.
2. If you did not have your sheet sent, whether you pre-registered or not, you'll need to check in (and pay) with an ST in this line. This line will have the longest wait. We cannot recommend enough that you send your sheet in advance.
3. Item Card Check-In: Any mundane item straight out of Dark Epics is fine and doesn't need to be checked. But if you have wonky stuff (ex. weapons with 10 bonus traits), ANY magic items (whether it's a fetish, warded, a splinter servant - ANYTHING) or if there's any question in your mind about your item, you must get it stamped by an ST before going into play.
4. Ritual / Merits & Flaws / Other Chops: There will be an ST on hand to throw chops for Rituals, various merits, flaws and other things that require a chop. All rituals or other things that have a lasting effect will be written on a signed and dated (and possibly time-stamped) item card. These chops will need to be redone for each night. NEW: We have a Declarations sheet for people to fill out, which includes tracking rituals and the like.