Officers & Edicts

Rules of Elysium
  • Elysium does not end at an arbitrary number of feet from the building. There are no rooms inside, under or over the location that are "not Elysium."  This also means that visitors to Elysium are given some surety that they and their property are offered safe passage to and from Elysium sites. For example, they will not be summoned off into danger or attacked halfway home. Obviously there will always be things outside our control that can happen and everyone should use caution coming and going from Elysium and gathering sites for that matter. However, our citizens and visitors will follow the rules of Elysium, coming from and going to Elysium sites. This does NOT mean enemies of the Camarilla or the Domain get a free pass or a promise of protection until safely out of the Domain!  Final ruling in this case falls to Her Grace, Prince Landrake, and the Keeper of Elysium. Prince Landrake, and the Officers of the Court of Baltimore, cannot be held responsible for events that take place once one has exited the Domain of Baltimore. When traveling long(er) distances, one should also remember to obtain Hospitality from our neighboring Domains.
  • Otherworldly spaces coterminous with Elysium are considered Elysium for the purposes of these rules. (The Astral Plane, Shadowlands, all levels of the Umbra, etc.) This means travel to and from Elysium via these realms is also protected.
  • Weapons are not allowed at all on Elysium. If you have to ask, “Is <this> a weapon?” the answer is likely yes, so don’t bring it. The Sheriff (plus Deputies) are exempt from this rule.
  • Do not commit violence or incite violence on Elysium. Do not violate persons, property or artwork. Doing violence to yourself is still violence and thus is punishable by this office and others. Suggesting that someone should stake themselves is inciting violence on Elysium, as is goading someone into frenzy.
  • Leave your otherworldly retainers at home. Examples include wraiths and spirits.
  • Former Elysia remain so. They are only removed from the list under most dire of circumstances and most extreme cases.
  • With the exception of the use of Mask of a Thousand Faces to cover physical flaws in appearance, use of disciplines is prohibited on Elysium unless otherwise specified by the office of the Keeper of Elysium.
  • Possession of humans is prohibited by word of Her Grace, Prince Evelyn Landrake.


 Prince Evelyn Landrake of Clan Toreador  ronicajensen[at]gmail[dot]com
 Seneschal Mr. Gray of Clan Nosferatu  john_the_skellington[at]yahoo[dot]com
 Keeper of Elysium Alicia Knight of Clan Ventrue
 Sheriff Frank Numeburg of Clan Malkavian
 Scourge: Unknown publicly  
 Harpy Mercy St. Isaac of Clan Tremere  susanmburnett[at]gmail[dot]com

Primogen and/or Clan Representatives 

 Brujah:   Sheriff Nadine Bonaventure of Annapolis 

 Gangrel:  Primogen Luther Rommell
 Lasombra:  Primogen Jared Obstfeld  bbnsts[at]googlegroups[dot]com
 Malkavian:  Primogen Anastasia Koslov of Annapolis  queenofeville[at]gmail[dot]com
 Nosferatu:  Seneschal Grey   john_the_skellington[at]yahoo[dot]com
 Toreador:  Harpy Harrow of Annapolis  
 Tremere:  Primogen Morgan Trevani of Annapolis
 Ventrue:  Primogen Jacklyn Clackston  j.clackston[at]yahoo[dot]com
 All other clans:  Harpy Mercy St. Isaac  susanmburnett[at]gmail[dot]com