House Rules

The Glitter & Gloom Event will be using Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor's House Rules, with some minor changes for event-specific items.

The House Rules are now contained in a GoogleDoc for easy reference and updating, and will not be reprinted on this page, aside from the link provided.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules. 

Rules in bold blue are different for the event than for a basic home game (mostly sign-in stuff) and are posted here for ease. See the link below for all of the House Rules for the event.

During play, ALL rules are at the discretion of the Glitter & Gloom Storyteller staff.

The Core Baltimore by Night House Rules can be found here:

  • At the beginning of the night, all characters signing into Baltimore by Night will receive full blood and willpower. There will be tickets used for the event. Be sure not to lose your tickets. Blood and Willpower do not automatically refresh for night 2. Contact a Storyteller if you need to feed, meditate, or anything else to get blood or willpower.
  • You may only play one character per night unless you have permission from the Storytellers to play more. Permission should be requested before you go IC with any character. If your character is deemed "unplayable" (removed from play through plot, death, etc), you may play a second character.
    • You may play multiple characters without permission for clan meetings only.
    • You may play multiple characters at the different genre events during the day without needing ST approval before hand.

 Combo Disciplines

  • If you have a Custom Combo Discipline, the write-up must be included in the notes section of your character sheet, or submitted by your STs prior to the pre-reg deadline, or it will be removed from your sheet for the duration of the event. If your Custom <power> is NOT in the OWbN Custom Content Database, it will be removed from your sheet for the event.


  • Lucky: Regardless of the number of games a player attends in a week/month/story/etc., Lucky will simply be usable once per night.  This alleviates the headache of trying to determine how long a story is and removes the need to track the number used. You will receive a ticket with an 'L' or the work 'Luck' on the back, along with the day it is valid. You must give the ST the ticket when you use your Luck retest.
  • Oracular Ability: You will receive a ticket with 'O' or 'Oracular' and the day it is valid. You must turn in your ticket if you use Oracular Ability for a retest.


  • "Dead Drops"
    • Any time an action occurs post mortem (be it dead drops or ghouls delivering information) such declarations must be fully and clearly defined with the STs, including what triggers the release.  Information must be so well-documented that STs should have no need to contact the player about what would occur.  If there is any uncertainty about the dead drop set up, the STs will resolve the uncertainty.   No alterations to these sorts of actions may be declared after they would go into effect. If you have "Dead Drops" declared at your home game, and want them known at the event, please send them to the event STs and CC your home Storyteller(s) in case there are questions. Should death occur, we will do our best to honor visitors' Dead Drops, but as with everything else, this is at Storyteller discretion.