March 12-14, 2020

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THEME: The Roaring 20's

Below, please find all relevant OOC information for Glitter and Gloom 2020!

March 12, 13, and 14, 2020!

There will be game on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night with some meetings and events scheduled during the day on Friday, March 13th.

Pre-preg payment is open! Early-bird $35 thru President's Day! After that, it will be $50 through the end of February and then $60 at the door. The cost is up slightly from last year as we have added extra rooms to the event to allow for more spread out clan meetings and general IC space.

Pre-pay ENDS at the end of February; beyond that, you will need to pay at the door.

Sheets are due FEBRUARY 21st. Please send sheets to eventsts@gmail.com

If you are local, feel free to pay in person at game with cash or card.

We can also take payments online via Square: https://checkout.square.site/pay/2ded42aebd9e4764b07d3db34ca079d6

If you pay via this link, please save the email receipt - sometimes we are not sure whose payment is connected to which pre-reg/character and we have to track you down either by email or at sign-in. If you are an incoming traveler and Square does not work for you for some reason, please reach out to event staff for possible other options.

The Square form will ask for an email address. Please use the same one you did for your registration form below. If you are paying for someone else, please drop staff a line to advise.

The IC RSVP form can be found here: RSVP 

This form tracks status sent to the Harpy in advance and any other IC arrangements made to make your plans to visit known. If you do not plan to RSVP for IC reasons, please contact the staff: eventsts@googlegroups.com

The OOC Registration form can be found here: https://forms.gle/CcNeYUCDu43aHLnJ6 

The LAST DAY for reservations is February 11, 2020. Room cost is $139/night plus taxes/fees.