The rooms have changed significantly from last posting. Meeting times have not.

A copy of this schedule will be provided in your character's folder if you pre-reg for the event.
All clan or private meetings are considered "secret" meetings, thus are not advertised ICly, except to those invited.

Events marked with a ^ are OOC events.

Events marked with a ! take place off Elysium and/or in a different location.

Events marked with a * are by IC invitation only. If you weren’t invited ICly, you can’t be there.

Contact the Event STs (eventsts[at]googlegroups[dot]com) and the Event Admin ggeventadmin[at]googlegroups[dot]com) if you want to reserve a room for a meeting or event.


All meetings scheduled in the “Caswell Suite” and “International Suite” are to be considered Private unless otherwise listed.  If you are what the meeting is listed as, you have knowledge of the meeting (i.e. Gangrel know where the Gangrel Meeting is and are invited. Nosferatu will not necessarily know where / when the Brujah Meeting is.

It should not be assumed that all Caswell & International Suite Meetings will be held on the Baltimore Glitter & Gloom Elysium. At the start of each meeting it will be announced where the IC location of the meeting is. If you have any questions, speak to an ST.

The Royal Conference Foyer will now be the OOC / Sign-In Room. Last year, traffic flow was a bit off; we're hoping having sign-in immediately opposite the elevators will help some. Happily, it has multiple entrances, so we hope the flow of foot traffic through here will work out better with this set up. There is no RP allowed in this room. It has been set aside for those that need a break, need to eat, or just want to go OOC for a few minutes. This room is OOC for the entirety of the event. This is also where Sign-In and other OOC Activities will take place. Hopefully, we'll have a sofa or two for comfort, and a mini fridge to be used for medication or health-related items. (We'd prefer people keep food in the mini fridge in their room, though staff may store food here for ease.)

The Fairmount Suite and Caswell Suite will have casual seating (tables). The Royal Board Room will be set up with "theater" seating for opening/closing courts, but people can move chairs around as they wish. All of these rooms are considered IC at all times.

The Federal Hill Suite will be for Clan and other Private Meetings.

The LB Skybar (balcony) is also available for RP (not shown on the map). There may be designated smoking areas (depending on hotel policy and for the comfort of our guests). Please pay attention to posted signs. We may try to block out a small area that is considered OOC (near the door to the Fairmount Suite).

Schedule is coming soon. Please check back.