The Staff for Glitter and Gloom is as follows. This list will be updated frequently as new staff members come on board.

Storytellers (eventsts[AT]googlegroups[dot]com)

HST: Jeff Cauley (BBN:DH HST)

Dan C. - Vampire ST
John B. (Philly Nusquam HST) - Vampire ST
LA R. (Vitae Aeternus HST) - Vampire ST
Phil S. (Vitae Aegernus AST, BBN: DH AST) - Vampire ST
Sooper (Shadows on the Mall HST) - Vampire ST
Ben C. (Shadows on the Horizon ST) 

Dave N. (Graymere Glen HST) - Changeling ST


Admins (ggeventadmin[AT]googlegroups[dot]com)

LA R. (Vitae Aeternus HST)
Tessa C. (Vitae Aeternus CM and Admin)
Bonnie L.C. (Happily free of jobs)
Alison R. (Shadows on the Mall ST)


Web Admin (queenofeville[AT]gmail[dot]com)

LA R. (BBN:DH and Vitae Aeternus Web Admin)

Hotel Point of Contact (alerolli[AT]gmail[dot]com)

Alison R. (SotM AST)