The notes of laughter and festival drift on the night wind, composing a song of life and merriment. Feathers float near tender flames which make the sequins shine like stars. Masks conceal those dancing across the floor, their costumes swirling and twirling in perfect harmony.

Will you join us for a celebration?

Glitter and Gloom 2018: Masks and Marauders 

Mercy St. Isaac
Harpy of Baltimore 
OOC: Academics and etiquette where needed

Please see the 'Hotel' page on this website, as there is new and important information about our room block at the hotel.

Pre-registration and RSVPs are open. 

Prices will start with Early Bird Prices of $30 for the 3-night event. After January 1, 2018, Pre-Reg pricing will become $40. Pre-reg pricing ends at 11:59 pm on March 1, 2018.
The cost of the event will be $50 at-the-door. As always, we accept PayPal for pre-reg payments, or you can pay in person at a local game. The PayPal button will be added soon, but you can always send money to the email provided without the button. :)

For information about the hotel, travel, event registration and everything else you need to know about the event, please view the individual pages.
Event Staff can be reached at: eventsts[at]googlegroups[dot]com