May 22. 2015
Google removed the "Search for public calendars" search function.
This thread provides a lot of insights into this issue: Why did Google remove the search for public calendars.
Essentially Google says that it was difficult for the to maintain this function. This is interesting because it shows that Googles algorithmic approach to information does not always work. Calendars and event information is different in nature.
Glimt is working to solve this.

May 4. 2014
Check out our experimental EventDataPlatform Facebook integration , it does bring up some interesting results.

May 3. 2014
We have committed ourselves to revamping the calendar project with new fresh data. This time we will focus much more on keeping it simple and a minimum viable product MVP. The minimum viable product is updating plain Google calendars thematically. Our long term vision is much more than this, the straightforward calendars is where we start.

May 3. 2014
For reference here is a link to our Oslo Events calendar on Monday October 15. 2012 when we were updating at full speed. As you can see there are close to 80-100 events on this day as well as for the days before and after. No other calendar even comes close to being as comprehensive as this.

May 3. 2014
The Glimt project has been in backburner mode for some time. During the most intensive phase in 2012/2013 we probably got over ambitious, we aimed at building our own dataplatforms, web infrastructure, customers and much more, all at once at the same time - it got too much for us. We probably should have focused more on a minimum viable product MVP and built from there, so that is what we will do now. 

6. February 2013
We are working towards a better way to plan our time and discover events for everyone.
Right now Glimt is spening some time in dialogue with the people we have worked with over the last 18 months. Glimt has proven that there is a need for structured maintained calendar information. We have still not quite found the scalable businessmodel for the concept. We still need to find who in the value chain will pay, and how we will scale this.

Expect us to try new creative ways in the next few months, to see where this takes us.

Check out our latest test with a directory of calendars, some maintained by us, some maintained by others.

Calendar Directory

11. December 2012
Check out our new event presentation frontend , this is a really exciting addition to what we do. is set up as a fast track systems-integration development of our various technologies in PHP done by our coder superstar Fed in the Philippines.
EventDP is currently only displaying Facebook events, but we will soon show more with integration to the platform.

1. December 2012 - Our latest pitchdeck towards our December 5. presentation for Baksia.

6. November 2012
Glimt will present at Baksia on December 5.

5. November 2012
Glimt has started working with BrightstarDB on some very exciting semantic representation of our event data:

12. October 2012
See our presentation for Berlin Media Entrepreneurs.

1. October 2012
While we are redoing the backend we have scaled a bit down on the number of events we are adding daily to the database for Oslo. Our normal rate is now at 110-130+, but we have scaled it down about 50% to conserve cash.

1. Ocotber 2012
We have decided to redo our entire backend structure on Amazon EC2. We are building a complex system for categorization of events. Once this is done we will make a new frontend for Stay tuned.

24. Sept 2012 press coverage in Norways #1 mobile website

23. September 2012
Are you an event organizer? recommends Amiando: for event management, ticket sales and more.

21. September 2012
GLIMT.Com team is back from two packed days in Berlin.
The Berlin startup scene rocks!
We are now working with several groups in Berlin towards our vision: event nirvana!

In Berlin we realized that we will need a licence management system for all event data in the GLIMT platform.
And much much more.

We will be back in Berlin soon.

20. September 2012
Check out our events at MESH. Tuesday Sept 25 at 17-20.00.

20. Sept 2012
After the hackathon/appathon with Microsoft 3-4 teams are now working on Windows 8 apps with GLIMT data integration.
We really hope to have a worthy app up and going by the October 22 deadline for submissions to the October 26 release of Windows 8.
We do not know how Windows 8 will fare, but we are very appreciative of Microsoft's support of GLIMT and we will give back to them.
Must personally say that we are impressed how open standard compliant Windows 8 seems to be, good going Microsoft.

11. September 2012
Explaining the Glimt open event data platform API model:

11. September 2012
Glimt will be at Microsoft Windows 8 Appathon / hackathon on September 14-15 at MESH, Tordenskiolds gate 3, Oslo. Join us!

8. September 2012
- Glimt Hackathon announced, Microsoft sponsering with Surface Tablet. See sidebar.
- Working with several potential new data customers.
- We have added new feeds and now have some events for New York, Bay Area etc. Much more will follow.
- Our manual input backend is up and running.
- Our data input API is soon up and running.
- We are implementing iframe solutions for partners.

28. August 2012
Berlin and Helsinki are now up, we are working on adding events.

27. August 2012
Setting up backend to do Berlin - excited to see everything going on there!
Glimt team will vissit Berlin August 17-19 2012.

Last week saw significant uptick in website traffic, up approx 100% from June daily averages.

26. August 2012
New interface to backend ready for use.
We now have the ability to add events directly to the backend, import events through the API and most importantly structure and tagg all events any way we like (we are working on manual and automatic tagging).

25. August 2012
Please note that our backend database has more than what we currently actively display/promote on the website. So if you are a developer you can access more events.
Here for example is Stockholm on June 1. 2012: 

And here is Copenhagen, see how the query is done in the URL: 

24. August 2012
We really like our new friends at Vamos and especially their iPhone app "Vamos"

13. August 2012
Summer is over and we are 100% back in Oslo hard at work building the worlds event coordination data platform, so everyone can get more out of our time.

5. June 2012
So much is happening, we cant fully keep up here on the blog.
We are now actively seeking out potential partners, customers and others to build the worlds open event data platform. The vision is manifesting itself.

We will be at demo day on June 7. 2012, join us.
We have our own event on June 28. 2012. at Mesh
this is a great opportunity to meet us and see what we can do together.

We have major improvements on every level of the web interface and on the backend, and many new things coming up. We just hired two new developers in India, this will speed up our development even faster. The entire team is now 15+ people.

18. May 2012
We are working out the new web interface, fixing some bugs etc. We need some serious innovation in precisely how to present event timelines and search results in the right way. We will not rest until we have "nailed it".

15. May 2012
GLIMT is coming together well.
Here are some important upcomming dates.
- Wednesday May 30. GLIMT Free coffee and workshop day at MESH from 13-16, for partners, potential new partners, customers, new people, anyone curious about GLIMT. Just show up to have a talk.
- Tuesday June 5. GLIMT presentation day, contact us for details.
- Wednesday June 6. GLIMT presentation day. 15.00-16.00 at MESH, Tordenskiolds gate 3, Oslo.

14. May 2012
A lot continues to happen:
- Brand new web interface up.
- Brand new search algorithm, and semi-inteligent suggestion engine up (needs fine tuning).
Please note that you can now make specific searches that you can distribute as links:
- Map overlay is up, using Open Street Map (we really like the look of this).
- Statistics module is up.
And we are still working very very hard every day to fine tune everything into the amazing event overview system we have envisioned.
- Classifications
- Images
- Icons on the map based on classifications.
- Word clouds
- Input system

And much much more.
Please do test things out and send us feedback.

11. May
We have decided on Open Street Map as our map standard.

4. May 2012. We are working on the maps overlay of event data. See the early alpha here: 

4. May 2012. GLIMT can now offer event feeds for any location anywhere in the world to potential new clients who are in need of event feeds for websites/mobile-apps and other relevant uses. Setting up a new city/country/location can be done in approximately 2 weeks. We will ask for a upfront payment for setup and then a montly cost to maintain the feed. Contact us for details.

4. May 2012. GLIMT is geo-tagging all events in our database. You can see an example of this here. This is a link to all Stockholm events for June, with longtitude and latitude: 

3. May 2012. GLIMT is starting to look good in Oslo, we are still working on a number of issues simultaniously. Improved website design, improved search ability, widgets, new cities (Stockholm is actually up and running on the API), new input API and much more. The GLIMT team is also growing, great.

27. April 2012. Video from official launch of MESH at the cool office sharing / incubator office in downtown Oslo where GLIMT is located. GLIMT won price for service "most likely to be used the soonest" at the event, with Norway's Minister of commerce Mr. Trond Giske on the jury.

27. April 2012 Some GLIMT video artwork we intend to use in some productions.

27. April 2012 - Please note that our ambition with GLIMT is not only to just list all events, everywhere. We also want to help make events better, better coordination between event-organizers and event participants, better feedback cycles, better request ability, better indications of pre-knowledge levels.
When GLIMT has become what we envision it to be there will be more events in the world, better events in the world and better matching between event organizers and event participants.

Rough outline:

Event topical match * Quality of events * Number of events participated in = End user total event experience

27. April 2012 - GLIMT introduction, in Norwegian, by Hans Lysglimt

26. April 2012 Follow some of our development work here: we are doing work on Stockholm, Copenhagen and much more.

22. April 2012 - Check out this graphical visualization of the data platform we are building, in meetings we are speaking a lot about the "X" and the "Y" axis.

20. April 2012 - We are working hard on the interface, search ability etc as we speak. Please bear with us as we do the fixes and improve on pretty much everything.

20. April 2012 GLIMT won the prize for "most likely to be used soonest" service at yesterdays MESH opening pitch contest. Prize handed over by Norway's minister of buiness and trade Mr. Trond Giske! Well done team!

20. April 2012 Norway's #1 circulation newspaper VG featured the GLIMT team in todays issue - photos and all.

19. April 2012 We are very much hard at work on the finishing touches of our brand new backend and front end, web interface. The new backend is built on Amazon EC2 cloud, very very responsive. The new front end is built with Java, sleeek and nice. We think you will like the stuff thats all coming soon.

19. April 2012 Our officespace MESH will have grand opening tomorrow April 20 with the minister of trade mr Trond Giske and many many more. Presentation

19. April 2012 Glimt Open Calendar Data API is up for testing. All Glimt 12000+ events event database is now up and open on the backend. We want testers and feedback. RESTful API See documentation

9. March 2012 Update: Many exciting things are happening, here is an update: Glimt Calendar is now a dedicated team of 3 people in Norway, one developer in Canada and the team of 2 managers and 12+ researchers in the Philippines. We have in all more than 10 000+ events in the database, allowing us to be innovative in the presentation layer. We are working very hard on a completely new infinitely scalable backend on the Amazon cloud that we will launch soon. Very exciting stuff is happening, you will see more soon. Our workingspace is at MESH in Tordenskiolds gate 3, Oslo. See

14. feb 2012 Our presentation at First Tuesday, Oslo.

14. feb 2012 "Mobile First, Google skal utvikle alle våre tjenester først og fremst for en mobil plattform. Og, Google er en global aktør, verden er vårt marked. Jeg likte den kalenderen jeg så her i sted fra Glimt så godt, at jeg godt kunne tenke meg å fått en tilsvarende fra Paris, eller Stockholm." Oddgeir Garnes, Industry Leader, Google Norway First Tuesday, Oslo.

14. februar 2012.

13. feb 2012 Frokostpresentasjon for Mesh kontorfelleskap.

9. feb 2012 Our design team is right now hard at work working on the new design for the entire site. There are a huge number of issues to take into consideration. If you want to be part of this team effort for the design please contact Hans. We will basically use the current Wordpress template setup, and tweak that into the desired outcome. Follow some of the design work here: Glimt Calendar design specifications The actual work is done in a Basecamp account, if you want to join in that, contact us.

8. feb 2012 I dag holdt vi godt mottatt presentasjon for Oslo Semantic Web Group og Oslo Open Data Forum. Mange gode innspill. Polyteknisk Forening linker nå til Glimt Kalender på sine hjemmesider.

8 feb 2012 Presentasjon Presentasjon 8 februar 2012 Our new fully bolean search interface is up in beta. This is the interface we are going for soon:

7. februar 2012 Vi setter opp en "Optimal Kalender - Workshop" mandag 5 mars kl 17-19 hos Mesh, Tordenskiolds gate 3. Her vil vi disskutere muligheter rundt Glimt Kalender, disskutere generellt optimal bruk av kalender, både for privat bruk og for koordinering blant de diverse organisasjoner som arrangerer og leverer til events i Oslo. Meld deg på ved å sende mail til: hanslysglimt at gmail com.

7. februar 2012 Vi skal presentere Glimt Kalender som lighting talk på First Tuesday 14. februar 2012 i Oslo. First Tuesday

1. februar 2012 Kalender samler og lister opp alt av events i Oslo. Konferanser, presentasjoner, messer, frokostmøter, konserter, kurs, forelesninger mm fra mer en 600 forskjellige kilder. Alle arrangementer fra Litteraturhuset, Universitetet i Oslo, BI, Dataforeningen, IKT Norge, Abelia, alle forlagene, Nasjonalmuseet mm mm listes opp på en enkel, oversiktlig og søkbar måte. Tjenesten er optimalisert for mobil bruk. Lag ditt eget skreddersydde event søk, finn dine favoritter og del event informasjon med dine venner.

January 30. 2012 For now we are listing movie screenings only on their premiere night. We will improve this over time.

January 16. 2012 We are seeking sponsors to do similar calendars for more cities. Contact us.

Januar 13. 2012 Skal du arrangere et møte eller en konferanse i Oslo? På finner du ressurser som kan hjelpe deg i planleggingen.

Januar 13. 2012 Oslo Kommune's Offisielle reiseguide for Oslo linker nå til Glimt Kalender.

January 12. 2012 På grunn av høy trafikk sliter vi litt med søkefunksjonen. Dersom du får feil ved søk vennligst prøv igjen litt senere.

January 7. 2012 We are doing a spring push for the Glimt Calendar on Tuesday January 10 and Wednesday January 11. 2012. Please help us spread the word by sharing in your social networks. Thanks!

January 7. 2012 Av: Hans Jørgen Lysglimt I Oslo skjer det utrolig mye spennende! Over 2000 arrangement i 2012! Glimt Kalender er den mest fullstendige kalender over alt som skjer i Oslo. Kalenderen lister opp alle typer offentlige arrangementer; presentasjoner, møter, messer, seminarer, konferanser, frokostmøter, kulturarrangementer, kinopremiærer og mye mye mer. "Alt som skjer" er nå oversiktlig samlet på ett sted. Du kan lett se alt som skjer i dag, alt som skjer akkuratt nå eller søke etter spesielle events som interesserer deg. Glimt Kalenderen har fire researchere som jobber hver dag med å fylle kalenderen med nye events. Over 400 kilder blir søkt og nye events lagt til fortløpende. Dersom du har events eller informasjon om events du vil vi skal liste helt gratis kan du sende epost til "Jeg savnet en slik kalender, fant den ikke, så jeg sørget for å få laget den selv." sier Hans Jørgen Lysglimt. "For meg er Oslo nå blitt en mer spennende by å bo i, jeg får med meg mer. Det er verdt ganske mye." sier han videre.

January 7. 2012 BY: HJL Glimt Calendar has teamed up with Inspirator to promote the Inspirator events and receive a cut on selling tickets.

January 4. 2012 By: Hans Lysglimt Johansen We encourage feedback, please send to hanslysglimt at gmail com.

January 3. 2012 By: Hans Lysglimt Johansen With the Glimt Calendar we have set out on a mission to help everyone get a good overview of events that matter for everyone. We will need to do a lot of work until we get this right. The vision is that Glimt will be like an assistant, it will help you and alert you of relevant events for you. We need to figure out what is relevant (tip: your social circles matter) and how to filter and present relevant information. As we enter 2012 the Glimt team have gotten pretty good at the first task, finding and listing pretty much all major public events that are going on in Oslo. We now need to work more on the presentation, filtering, social integration and more.