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GLevy, Artist

I have been a teacher, an architect and am now a digital collections consultant.  Through it all I have been exploring perceptions, including visual ones.  My explorations of color and texture started when I was very young and could not decide if a tree should be bare, green or orange and so I made it all of that with many layers of crayon. I won a prize for that one.  I left crayons for work with with fiber in the 1970’s back in Cambridge, Ma and then in 1992 I discovered paint. I had been doing figure drawing for years, but the instructor at SFAI snuck in color. From that exposure, I have continued to experiment with how best to use color, still also adding textures from collage elements or my brushes.  My latest piece in the studio has now come full circle as experimentation with encaustic and crayons.


2011                                Art Boxes, San Jose, Ca

2009                                Soula Yoga, San Jose, Ca

2008                                Phanthom  Galleries, San Jose, Ca

2001,02,03,04,05,06     neworangeland Atelier, San Francisco, CA

2003,04,05                     Arcadia, San Francisco, CA

2003                                Café Galleria, San Francisco,CA

1999, 2002                     Cool Breans, San Francisco,CA

1996                                Galleria Le Logge, Assisi, Italy

1955                                Davenport Art Museum, Davenport Iowa



Mount Holyoke College, BA, 1969

Boston Architectural Center, BArch, 1980

Cambridge Adult Education, Figure Drawing, 1970-1990

Art Workshop International in Assisi, 1996

San Francisco Art Institute Extension, studio classes – 1990- 95

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Context V.2 $1000 oil on canvas 32x32 2004 
Context V.4.0 $300 oil on canvas 3- 8" ovals 2004 
Contect V.1 $400 Oil on canvas 32x24 2004 
Context V.3 $3 each Oil on canvas 30x24 2004 
Anniversary $1000 Oil on canvas 28" x 22"  2004  
Context Finale $1500 oil on sliced canvas 52x60 2006 
Showing 6 items