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League Rules

1.       The League will consist of one Division.




Home and Away matches must be played on the dates as notified by the Fixture Secretary.


In the event of any club failing to fulfil a fixture on the arranged date, the offending club will forfeit 12 points to their opponents except in the case of: -

A)      Own Club Tour.

B)      Green Unplayable.

C)      Exceptional Circumstances. (As decided by the Management Committee).


Rearrangements of such Fixtures will be mutually agreed, and the Fixture Secretary informed within 7 days of the original cancellation.


Each League team shall consist of 20 Players with four players to each rink. All players must be affiliated to their Club and no player can play for another Club in the same season.


In the event of any team only having 3 players in a rink at the start time, that rink will lose 25% of its final score. Additional bowls to be played by the number one and two.


In the event of a player leaving the green due to illness their place may be taken by another club player. If the skip is involved their place will be taken by the number three with the additional player playing at either one, two or three.

If no player is available, the shot deduction will be from when the replacement was made.


Players are not permitted to visit the head.


The duration of matches shall be 21 ends played between April and August with 18 ends being played in September.

In the event of poor light or bad weather, the Captains of both sides may, agree prior to the start of the match, to play either 18 ends from April to August and 15 ends in September.

In the event of an abandoned match the score at 15 ends on all rinks will stand as the match result. Where less than 15 ends are played the game must be replayed.


Start Times and Scoring


The start time will be 6.30pm for matches between April and July inclusive and then 6.00pm for the remainder of the season.


The Captains shall draw for rinks and the toss of a coin will decide who has the jack. The League does not permit a team giving away the mat.


Only one shot on the first two ends to be counted and in the event of any dead end or tied end that end will be counted as played, with no score being added to either team.




At the end of the match two points will be awarded to each winning rink with one point being awarded to each for a drawn rink.

The match result will be decided by the overall shots gained by each team. The winning team will receive a further two points and in the event of a draw, both teams will receive one points each.


The Club gaining the highest number of points at the end of the season will become League Champions.

In the event of two or more Clubs being equal on points, then the final League positions will be decided as follows: -

A)      Shot difference.

B)      Overall Shots scored.




All Clubs must retain their scorecards until the conclusion of the season. These maybe inspected by the League Management Committee in the event of a protest by another Club.


The Match Result Sheet shall be completed by the Home Club and should include the skip’s first and surname, the rink score and all other details as prescribed on the form.


The Home Club to send the Result Sheet by E mail, first Class Post or delivered by hand to the Fixture Secretary by Sunday.




The dress code of the league will be in accordance with current Bowls England Regulations.




Bowls used in the League to comply with current Bowls England Regulations.



Breaches of Rules


All breaches of League Rules, or in the case of any matter not covered, will be dealt with by the League Management Committee whose decision will be Final.



These League Rules approved on 18 November 2018  at the Annual General Meeting of the League.

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