One of the easiest ways you can help out the teachers, staff and students of Glenwood is by becoming a member of the PTA, if you haven’t already.  Our goal is to have 100% membership, to ensure a strong and successful school community.

Membership is only $10! Click here to join the Glenwood PTA today!

What does membership do for you?

In addition to supporting our school community by donating to the PTA, there are a number of different benefits for becoming a PTA member:

  • Glenwood PTA members are automatically enrolled in the national and NC state PTA associations, which provides financial benefits including 20% off at Hertz; Group discounts at MetLife; 10% off supplies at Staples. Check these benefits out here.
  • As a PTA member you have a vote on PTA issues including the funding of events and projects and approval of the annual PTA budget
  • Being a member of our PTA helps strengthen our ongoing advocacy efforts in Chapel Hill and in the state. The PTA is committed to supporting public education at this difficult time in NC, and membership will keep you informed of the many ways you can help advocate and raise awareness.
  • Glenwood has some unique characteristics that make it all the more important that we have a vibrant and strong PTA community. With our close association with UNC and UNC graduate housing, many of our students' families are here only for a year or two at a time. A strong and active PTA can help provide these families with a community they might otherwise find they are missing.  In addition, the PTA and the many events we organize are a great way to bring together families from the traditional classes and the Mandarin DL program.